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Default Eternal Sabbath

Eternal Sabbath

O're the wild and wooded hills, in the Forest of the Dead
Was heard a lonely widow wailing
Husband murdered, for just words he said
Kneeling near the simple stone, to forever mark his place
She soon heard enchanting sounds
Crossing time and space

Drawn toward the melodies, like a lure to a fish
The voice of Shilen's call, a promise to grant her wish
Ever onward she goes, thru the wind and rain
Til her stride became a crawl, thru the growing pain

Never stopping til she has finally reached, the source of that godly song
To see her love waiting there
Forever at peace, with him, in love
Where they both belong

O're the wild and wooded hills, of the Forest of the Dead
The first signs of a coming storm, carrion birds now fed
From the darkness he heard her cries, crossing space and time
Within, like a fire, the hunger grows
For vengeance to be wrought on those
Unpunished for their crime

Soon the rage consumed, all within
Destroying the remains of sanity
When the fury was all that was left
To Shilen he made his plea

Let the darkness guide my hand
In return, I shall serve thee
"So be it" Shilen replies
"You shall be my sword"
"Let my will, be done"

Crawling forth from shallow grave
Into the dark and stormy night
The Hand of Shilen , has arisen
The Sword, The Hand, as one

O're the wild and wooded hills, of the Forest of the Dead
Gather a vampires witchly coven, round the widows bloody corpse
With demons to celebrate a sabbath orgy, before the ritual feast
Chanting a blood letting requiem, to call forth the beast

Sanctus Shilenas, Sanctus
Dominus Diabolas Sabbath
Shilenas - venire!
Shilenas - venire!
Ave, Shilenas, ave Shilenas
Tui sunt caeli
Tua est terra
Ave, Shilenas, ave Shilenas
Tui sunt caeli...
Tui sunt caeli...

A sacrifice awaiting, mortally wounded, gagged and bound
Held in place by bone tipped spears
Thru hands...and feet...and ground
Called forth from his shallow grave
Shilen's Sword is drawn, ever after to be Her Hand
Her lover...her pet...her pawn

Humanity burned away by rage
A shredded soul long gone
Joining the ritual Sabbath, of demonic sex and sacrifice
Rewarded with his killer's heart
An eternal pact...the price

O're the wild and wooded hills, of the Forest of the Dead
Stormy winds carry forth, the voices of the Sabbath spell
Reaching across time and space, into her heaven
A widow pulled down, into the pits of Hell

Her torment she suffered, a thousand fold
The fear and pain her lover wrought
Forever to be burned into her soul, never to be forgot

Each day, Shilen spoke to her, with offer to ease her pain
"I will release your love from his pact"
"I will free you from this hell"
"If you choose to serve instead"
"During the Sabbath spell"

Endlessly that night repeats
For the widow in the pit
Along with the suffering and the pain
Of countless lives, she never will forget

Even the righteous will surrender
Enduring all that they can take
Until, the widow finally agrees
Rising up from the pit, into this world from hell
Rejoining with her bloody corpse, during the Sabbath spell
To feed on her husbands killer, and carnal pleasures to be had
During the unholy orgy to consumate
What the Eternal Sabbath hath create

As the chants come to an end, to complete that Sabbath spell
The husbands shattered soul released, into the Chaos Winds of Change
Some soul shards ascend to heaven
Others fall to Hell

Some cross the borders of time and space
To mortal realms, like Earth
A new Incarnation thus created
With each new Angel...or Demon..or birth

A million Incarnations formed, yet, by fate, all intertwined
A destiny to be cursed, in each of the Incarnation's lives
Each time falling in love, and taking mortal wives
Falling once more to the hands of fate
Again consumed by hate

For all to hear, I end this tale
Of a Sabbath Eternally
Those who do hear and truly believe
Forever will witness be
Of the plight of a hell bound heart
Who's past and future exists again
In this realm and more, as did before
Ever My Destiny


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Default Re: Eternal Sabbath

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