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Tales of Aden and Elmore Post your stories and character bios here.

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Default Re: Character Introductions

Name: Drakhaoul Strigovian

Server: Devianne

Race & Profession: Human Paladin

Sex: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 195 lbs

Age: 34

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Dark Red

Weapon of Choice: Common Tallum Blade

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc):
Born on the outskirts of talking island village Drak had long dreamed of seeing the grand city of aden. But with his first glimpse started his journey.... of vengence....

Born of common background he took the pilgrimage and fought in the holy gods name. Becomming a paladin at the age of 30. Upon returning to his fathers homestead it was to be a time of relaxation before heading to the cemetary to slay the weary dead that wandered.

Upon his first day back he ventured to the northern end of the island to assist an old friend with vanquishing the remaining spiders which hunted the livestock of talking island. When he finally returned, it was late into the night. He came home to a distrubing sight; His father, mother, and young brother Aldovare lay dead bitten in the neck and exanguinated. Drak knew the wounds well and of his enemy.... they had followed him. Upon not finding him they had dealt the largest blow to heart of any paladin....

The bodies were taken to aden to be assesed by the holy bishops in hope that they had not been turned. Thankfully they had not, and were buried in the cemetary. Drakhaoul marked with the blood of his family drew his fathers blade; the common tallum blade not flashy and not showy little to it but the blades edge. But then a paladin had no need of the best weapon for his weapon was his faith, and now with his faith fueled by his hatered no force would stand against him. Drak withdrew his pledge at the cemetary, while no one objected, no one thought he would return. He hunted his foe, ever looking, ever pushing into the depths of the dead; Searching for the one enemy that would pay.... and to this day... he still waits, screaming in agony and frustration as he wades through the forest of the dead... ever the dead carry the name whispering their fears of Drak "haoul" ever since he has been named...

Those that have seen him walk through the forest return only to say "pray your soul leaves the earth for if it should ever come accross this hunter he will dispatch it quickly to the depths of hell."
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Default Re: Character Introductions

Name: isabelie (The BEER Dwarfy)

Server: Phoenix

Clan: EliteAdventCo
Clan symbol: BEER Mug

Race: Dwarf
Sex: f
Height: Knee high to a normal person
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Pink

Profession: Maestro
Weapon of Choice: Salvation Bow
Likes: EAC, Meeting People,BEER, Adventuring, Enchanting
Dislikes: BOTS, Crafting

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc):
well I like my Night Mare Robes the best I think. I just got NM LA which kinda looked the same until I started running then I realized it looked like I have black and white striped boxer shorts on Don't think I like that look! *tosses black & white boxers to woon
I just finished up crafting everything I needed for the formal wear quest, ran all over and I got my dress! Ha should have done it a long time ago now I really be lookin' like a Lady!

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Default Re: Character Introductions

Name: MrsDestinyV or Moirae in Greek.

Server: Teon

Race & Profession: Abyss Walker so I am proud to be Dark Elf.

Sex: Female

Height: 1.80

Weight: Around 70 kilos

Age: 20

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown with White stripes,pony tail.

Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc):I prefer wearing armors that uncover the beautiful parts of my body.I miss my Clan Oath Light Armor that I used to wear.But the Drake armor looks good.Now i'm looking forward for my A Grade Armor.I hope something like DC or Majestic.I have a preference to high-talon shoes.

Where did I come from: I was born near a river in Gludio.Well,at least that's what my relatives told me.I wasn't lucky to meet my parents.It is said that I could have drown if an unknown person would find me and bring me to my cousin's door in a little brown basket with a piece of sheet saying that "Take care of this little baby".They told me that my mother was beautiful and my father also.At least I know that they were both Dark Elves.But unfortunately a few days ago I learnt from my cousin the truth.My parents were killed in the war against Elves.That's the reason that I don't go on well with this light-skinned innocent-like race.

Interests: Listening to music.Sharpening my Dagger.Listening to no one.Drawing.Exploring Aden.

Appearence: I am blessed to wield the symbol of Shilen on my forhead. My body is mediterranean like.The legs are perfectly shaped.I still don't know why my skin colour is pale to blue but I love it.

Personality: I'm pretty calm.But, when I want I become outraged and with no control which leads to serious mistakes sometimes.I don't talk much only when I'm with friends.I believe that silence is wisdom.Eventually,I'm a bit wild.Plus,I'm thinking a lot to put the dagger deep in your neck and kill you.I kill if there is a serious reason.I get easily angry when people piss me off to duel and also when people do not keep their promises to me.I don't really care about others but when it concerns me I do care.I am a little bit unpredictable.If I feel good I might help you without even knowing you but if I am feeling bad I will not really care about you or your efforts.You're dead in few words.Just don't appear on my way when I'm really angry.My behaviour changes from time to time.Sometimes I am fragile others I am not.I prefer being alone in isolated places,admire the view and think.Get away of all these people.

"You don't know what people think nowadays.Trust no one! Only yourself! And don't be perfectly sure about it,Moirae!Don't open up your heart to no one! Your thoughts are only for you and only you.Do not let anyone know about them! That's how you expose your weaknesses.And believe me,everyone in this world even your best friend can be your worst enemy one day.
Look at the cruelty that exists around you,Moirae.We,Dark Elves,fought with the Elves.A human mage betrayed his race to teach us dark magic.The world doesn't know what is coming but the Saints,the Prophets see the future! Be prepared for the Twilight and the Destruction of the Present.Become powerful to be the winner of this war! Be the DESTINY of your enemies and allies!"
,those were the words that my parents let me in a paper just before they die.At first,I didn't know what my parents meant but now...I do.

That's all about me.Now go away!

Writer Notes: Those were the words from MrsDestinyV's mouth.I don't know whether I'll be able to distract any further information.She doesn't like to open up herself.

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Default Re: Character Introductions

Originally Posted by MrsDestinyV View Post
I prefer wearing armors that uncover the beautiful parts of my body.

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Default Re: Character Introductions

Yes. My character is erotic-like.
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Default Re: Character Introductions

Name: rockybalooah

Server: Franz

Race & Profession: Human gladiator

Sex: Male

Height: 1.90 meters (without armored boots); 1.96 meters (with armored boots)

Weight: 92kg (without any armor); 137 kg (full heavy armor set)

Age: late 20's

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: dark red

Weapon of Choice: Dual blades

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc): He's definetly the fighting type, he loves the battle, he's greatest dream is to become a true duelist, he dislikes elves, dark elves, dwarves and orcs especially (however this doesn't stop him from working together with them and even acting friendly with them if it's in his interest, he likes money but he manifests very little interest in meeting women, stating in front of others that he would like a good fight way more than a wife, he has no friends (although some consider him as a friend but to him they are only people who can gain something from), he's greedy and loves to have alot of money only to buy himself the strongest of armors to help him in battle, he even killed an orc beacause he stoled his prey, he's armor set consist of a full plate set but he wishes to have the zubei set from the Giran Luxury shop, his clan offered him a pair of B grade dual swords as a reward for beeing with them at raids and events, he is sometimes talklative and behaiving really friendly with his clan members only for them to think he is a nice guy and probably get more from them, although he likes some of Einhasad's teachings he prefers Grain Kain as a god most of the time but he worships no god literally, he even thinks that Eva is stupid. That's pretty much him, an opportunistic selfish violent man who only cares about combat and himself.
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Default Re: Character Introductions

Name: Kitty, as far as anyone knows. After all, it seems to fit.

Aria (Formerly of Lionna)

Race; Profession:
Kitty Dwarf; future Bounty Hunter extraordinaire!

. . . Look. . . no, really. I KNOW that I'm not as. . . as gifted as the Dark Elven women, or. . . or the Kamael women. . . or the Light Elven women. . .. O-kay. . . O-KAY, not even the human women. . .. But I am a grown up LADY, thank you very much. ::Oohh... there be nerves in them hills.::

::Holds up her hand up to the top of her head.:: THIS tall. Perfect height, most definitely. Not a mountain, not a bean pole, cute.

Er. . . hey! Since when is it polite to ask a lady how much she weighs? But. . . I guess that depends on how much loot I have on me. . .. Hrmm. . . what is the speed of a partially laden Kitty Dwarf?

O-kay buddy. . . listen, we covered this. ::Crosses her arms and huffs.:: I'm an adult, beyond that a lady doesn't share!

Eye Color:
You know. . . I don't think I ever looked at my eye color! The bangs you know. . . make it hard to see. . .. I think their green. ::Pulls up her bangs, looks for a shiny surface to look into.:: The light... the light is so bright!

Hair Color:
Foxy Red!

Weapon of Choice:
Blunt objects! I love to smash things and stun the daylights out of them!

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc):
Kitty is about average height for a female Dwarf, and shares their. . . somewhat under-developed physique. She has often envied the women of other races for their figures. She even attempted stuffing the bra of a Dark Elf once in an attempt to get the looks they had. Needless to say. . . er. . . it didn't work, and she has been known as a hoarder of socks ever since.

Her hair seems short enough, except for her bangs, which completely conceal her eyes. The rest of her hair is braided around her oddly feline ears, so that she has someplace to secure the bronze, cone shaped armor over them. The cones had seemed a bit off to her, so when she came down from the isolated mountains in Dwarven territory, she had a couple holes drilled in them, so that she could string ribbons through. As for the rest of her armor. . . well, she tends towards armor sets that have skirts. The alternative are pants that look. . . well lets just face it, they're not that cute. . ..

Now returning after a long trip back to her home village, she's eager to make many new friends. She still remembers the land back when Dion was busy, and Cruma tower was the hot hunting place of soulless puppets and adventurers alike, and misses those times. But she hopes to find more adventures soon.
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Default Re: Character Introductions

"She even attempted stuffing the bra of a Dark Elf once in an attempt to get the looks they had. Needless to say. . . er. . . it didn't work, and she has been known as a hoarder of socks ever since."

So that was where my right sock went...

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Default Re: Character Introductions

I don't know nothin' about no socks. . .. ::Glances around... scoots in front of her bedroom door:: =o.o;= And really! Those bras. . . I was uhm.. checking new ideas for sling shots!
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Arrow Re: Character Introductions

Name: MensiS

Server: Bartz

Race & Profession: Hawkeye

Sex: Male

Height: 1.72 meters

Weight: 72 kg

Age: 25

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Weapon of Choice: Bows and many R grade arrows

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc): All he need it a leather set, a bow, lots of arrows and a red or pink target.

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Default Re: Character Introductions

Character : Tety
Server : Chronos

Tety's character sheet (RP base)
Names : (names references are based on Tolkien’s work about elven languages he created)
Ataressė : Berbeniel
Amilessė : Enelya Galathil
Cilmessė : Nįpoldė Ancalķmon
Epessė : Tetius Raules or Tety

Occupation : Aeore Healer, Moonlight Sentinel, Phoenix Knight, Spellsinger
Age : 136 years, looks like a 26-27 years old human woman

Place in the Group/Clan/Alliance : Milites Dei officer who’s dedicating to social interactions

Matrimony status : if asked, she belongs to someone she refuses to tell the name

Advantages : generous, careful, joyful, friendly
Flaws : stubborn, hot tempered, jealous.

Beliefs : follows the path of her dark elven family and believe in a new elven people gathering.

Physical despription : thin (around 50kg) , tall (1.70), skin lightly gray, light colored eyes changing with the weather from pearl grey (stormy and rainy) to light green (sunny) , long hair

Specific physical details: 3 very little symbols tatooed on her left collarbone, dark elven race symbol magically drawn at her back as a belt, the draw is sometimes bleeding when she’s getting angry

Favorite weapon : Fenumė-Anamo (Requiem buster)

Secondary weapon : Elihlņkģ (name of her father’s dual blades, broken. She gave it to her bow)

Goals : Serve her clan and alliance, her friends and her orders

Most known localisations : Eva’s Temple in Heine, Hunters village, Aden, Narsell Lake
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Default Re: Character Introductions

this maybe does not belong in here

every teacher that gave one of those people F from failing in typo their style narration properly should be sent into kruma tower with lvl 1 :O
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Default Re: Character Introductions






Sex: 99% MALE,1% GAY / Sex: 90%MALE, 10% *******

Height: 5'7" & 1/2 / Height: 6'10"

Weight: -+71 KGS / Weight: -+99 KGS


Eye Color: DARK BROWN / Eye Color: BLACK


Favorite Weapon:Thompson M1A1 SMG, MACHETE & ARNIS / Favorite Weapon: R-GRADE SINGLE SWORDS


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Smile Re: We present

Name: Zyghfrydd: D

Server: Naia

Race & Profession: Human / Sigel Knight Subclass Warlod

Sex: Man

Height: 170


Age: 32

Eye Color: RED

Hair Color: RED

Weapon of Choice: IMMORTAL

Mini-Description (clothing, expression, etc):
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Default Re: Character Introductions

Full Name: Lilith "Siofra" Rajani

Pseudonym: "Blade Banshee"

Server: Naia

Race; Class: Dark Elf; Spectral Dancer

Sex: Female

Religion: Follower of Shilen

Height: 5'9

Weight: 61kg

Age: 19

Appearance: Lilith doesn't have too much unique traits that make her stand out in a crowd and looks similar to the average Dark Elf fighter: she has got the silver-blue skin tone that's common around her brethren and the long and pointy ears. She is taller and a bit slimmer than the others, but it isn't as noticeable. Lilith has got long white hair that falls down her waist in a weird, flowing way. Her eyes are a bit slanted and are framed by long and thick eyelashes - they are deep blue, but with strangely slit pupils that resemble that of a snake's. Lilith's canines are lightly elongated and sharp, making her similar to the vampires in the Forest of the Dead. Even so, these are just minor traits that she got from her mother's side.

Weapon Of Choice: Lilith is usually seen carrying sharp dual-swords, but she always has her small dagger under her cloak. She doesn't really have any preferences over the various types of weapons, but Lilith likes to fight with something sharp and not heavy to the hand.

Armor Of Choice: Lilith is usually seen wearing a long black cloak with a wide hood on tip, which is meant to hide the crest of Shilen that the girl has got on her forehead. She prefers wearing armor that isn't too heavy, but won't hesitate putting it on if she has to fight against an army of monsters in her missions. Lilith doesn't care about how revealing the armor is, but she dislikes getting checked-out by men when she's not wearing her cloak. She never wears helmets, since she dislikes them - Lilith thinks that she can take care of her own head well enough and avoid getting any wounds there.

Attitude: Lilith is known to be a cold and apathetic person, who doesn't really care about the problems of other people. She can be violent and even brutal if someone is annoying her - the girl won't hesitate to take out her swords and slice the person in half with small effort. Lilith dislikes other races and takes great pride in having the blood of Dark Elves flowing in her veins. Her voice sounds like a drizzle of needles made out of ice and usually has a got serious and, sometimes, even an arrogant tone. She likes spending her time alone with no company at all and gets easily annoyed if someone decides to talk to her. Lilith is quite competitive and won't back down from a real challenge easily - she doesn't let this control her, though. She uses her head before acting and has managed to keep herself alive while doing so.

History: Lilith was born just a few years before Shilen had awoken from her long sleep in the eternal abyss. Since her mother was a loyal follower of the Goddess, she had predicted that her daughter was meant to do a lot of great things in the future for her Dark Elven brethren. Both of her parents were from a royal bloodline, so Lilith was usually spoiled and treated like something fragile by the other members of their clan. Yet, she simply loathed being the 'important princess' - Lilith wanted to grow up as an independent individual and live her life as she wanted it. After getting yelled at for a few times, she decided that she had enough and simply ran away from the village to the nearby forest, where she met a girl, that would become her best friend in the future - Leena Thorgisl. Both of them came from very different backgrounds, but despite that... they grew to stand against each others' backs and support one another in hard times.

Lilith changed from a polite and kind girl into a merciless and cold killer at the young age of fifteen - that was when she was first introduced to death the harsh nature of her clan. Her friendship with a 'peasant' was found out by her older brother, Daryl, and quickly reported to her parents. They couldn't tolerate such a thing and decided to simply end it. After gathering one of the most aggressive wolves in the forest near their village, they threw Leena in an arena with them, leaving the girl to die. Lilith came into the main square of the village just in time to see her best friend torn to shreds by the hungry wolves. Not able to think clearly, she simply escaped through the East gate of the village, running away as fast as she could through the forest and collapsing right in front of the Catacomb of Dark Omens. This was just a few days before Shilen sent the floating town of Ye Sagira tumbling down from the sky. Eventually, Lilith managed to regain some of her strength to travel to the School of Dark Arts and later, to reach the Altar of Rites, where she asked an old merchant to give her a lift to the town of Gludio in his wagon. With the few golden coins that she had, Lilith bought new armor and weapons for herself and changed her name to "Blade Banshee", also changing her old self and appearing as a whole new individual.

Even if she loathed her parents for what they did, Lilith decided not to just give up and do something stupid - instead, she started training as hard as she could and later got enough money to travel to the Town of Aden, where she started training with the most skilled Dark Elf fighters in the whole kingdom. Following the path of a Palus Knight, she eventually reached the status of a Bladedancer, later evolving into a swift Spectral Dancer, who sent fear just through the mysterious gleam in her eyes. She had reached her goal and was now ready to avenge her friend. But she needed a good way to do it.

After Shilen destroyed the villages of the races, Lilith finally decided to go against the will of others and actually side with the awakened Goddess. Shielding her true nature in a thick web of lies, she manipulated the officers of the army into raising her up the ranks, where she could finally gather important information and bring it to the ones in Shilen's army, earning their respect easily. Hiding her true identity under the name of "Blade Banshee", Lilith managed to get away with most of her crimes without a lot of damage - only a few people knew her real name, but they decided to keep their mouths shut. Just wanting to live the rest of their lives peacefully.

Lilith has long forgotten how to love, forgive or cherish the gift of life. She only feels the vibrating of her swords when she sinks them into her victims and the warmth of their blood on her hands or face. Her parents are long dead by now, but she still seeks to avenge Leena's death by destroying the rest of her clan with her newly found power. Having the power of darkness by her side, she doesn't encounter too much problems in the climb for dominance over the forces that fight for light.

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