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Player Questions Attention new players (and veterans too)! Do you have questions about Lineage II? Looking for a drop? Need tips on a quest? Come on in and ask your questions here--players of all experience levels are welcome!

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Exclamation Opinion about NC Soft

First of all I'm not a author, but i feel, that it should be posted here as well, but if author want i can remove this from thread*
In my opinion t is good analogy, about situation in all NC Soft games

Originally Posted by (as well translated) Elmar posted at
By the way, I quite like WarGoddessAthena's slave ship analogy. Here is a translation:

The term "Middle Passage" refers to that part of the slave trade route where black persons taken prisoner and enslaved in the inner parts of Africa were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on the weather, such a journey could take between 50 days and 6 months, and it was a serious challenge to avoid having to unload corpses at the port of destination after the black slaves, who were in an already weakened condition from their capture and transport in Inner Africa, had been subject to a sea voyage of six months.

The starting point of all issues was the size of the slave ships. Those ships were small vessels of 100 ~ 300 tons, and in order to maximize their profit, the traders had to put as many slaves as possible into those small boats. Chained with shackles on wrists and ankles they had to lie down in rows, on shelves arranged one above the other, their bodies stacked just like in a modern chicken farm.

When people are transported like this, food and excretion become a problem. In order to reduce the additional cargo as much as possible and to be able to load as many as possible of the high-priced slaves, the food consisted of no more than a bowl of boiled maize or millet and a sip of water per day. An additional problem with the insufficent supply of drinking water was that the slaves, who were only accustomed to life on solid land, often suffered from seasickness, vomiting out a lot of water in the process. Because of this, many slaves became severely dehydrated.

The biggest problem of all was the toilet problem. Agonizing over loading as many slaves as possible on their boats, the ship owners could not provide toilets for those slaves. The usual arrangement was that the slaves were excreting while lying down, with the ones on the bottom layers receiving the urine and excrement from the slaves above.

When a boat fostering such an environment arrived at its port of destination, the people at the harbor noticed the horrible stench and knew immediately that the arriving boat was a slave ship. Only half of the slaves survived such conditions, the rest having died of diseases contracted in the harsh environment, or having committed suicide by jumping into the sea, or having gone insane, losing their value as merchandise.

When I look at such a slave ship, I am reminded of the current Lineage 2. Of course, in the beginning this boat was not a slave ship. It was more like a big and splendid cruise ship. You could say that it was a cruise liner that took its passengers aboard and brought them to famous scenic spots all over the world. We were cherished guests there. Furthermore, the NCsoft captain and the sailors aka GMs had learned from the example of the successfully operating Lineage 1 department and were a quite capable crew. And since their abilities were high, we passengers thought nothing of paying a rather high price for the trip. However ...

The shipping line called NCsoft, following the prevailing winds at the time, set up a baseball team. They met a bad friend by the name of Nexon, learned from them what cash items were and started to tout them to us passengers.
Those who could see where the journey was heading disembarked. Those who could not bring themselves to jump ship started to organize groups with those of their fellow passengers who were in a similar situation as they themselves. Groups like fiery clans, bloody clans, normal clans, PvP clans or social clans were formed, where people could trust each other and pursue their own variety of enjoyment

In the meantime the boat has entered the doldrums where not even the slightest wind is blowing and there are also no more ocean currents. This could be considered as a metaphor for the current age of mobile games and the downward trend of PC-based online games.

In the past, when a misguided leadership had launched the Goddess of Destruction update, the boat had arrived in such windless waters before. At that time they ran their engine at its highest speed and managed to escape the crisis in the last minute through the Harmony update which healed many of the wounds the game had suffered. Alas, there is no such cure now.

Instead, the NCsoft shipping line seems to have transferred crew and equipment from HMS Lineage 2 and allocated them to their new mobile game Lineage M as well as to Lineage Eternal. And still they are greedily eyeing the wallets of the stupid players.

The players are very angry about the cash items and clearly expressing their dissatisfaction, but the management does not care. Instead they are widening the gap between the common people and the VIP players by energeticallly pushing out new cash items every month. And the management does not intervene when VIP players dominate sieges, monopolize raids, monopolize dragon weapons and epic jewelry. Instead they are looking the other way and quietly acquiescing in such behaviour. The disparity between upper and lower class, the gap between rich and poor is clearly visible.

But maybe not. You could say that we have already become slaves being carried on the slave ship called Lineage 2. You could ask the clans that have walked away to return, settle their old differences and amalgamate into one single clan. But if you want to gather them like this and play, you must reach a similar level as your competition. You will have to scrape together money for cash items, even use ebay. And when players do not spend enough money in this way, NCsoft will put fetters on them they have already made ready.

There is no future in slave ships. In the current situation I am torn. Either we stage a rebellion against the ship owners, or we make a list with our demands - we must do one of the two.


We can be in worst situation,
We dont have any other opinion to get exclusives items like jewelery, abudance, etc etc than buying directly through l2 store in rare events.
Those event are very expensive, and we are buying cat in a bag. We cant chose, which stones we want to buy, but a box with bigger chanse to get usless stones,
prices for this boxes is a kinda annoying and too high,(somtimes around 1/3, 1/2 salary in some european country.
NC West need to understand, that most of their community are form Europe
Only one thing, NC West make(atm) property,
They didnt implement better 6 slots broch and aug for jewels.
U should make this game more friendly for ppl, not just only for ppl who spend a lot of money.
After Your fighting with bots, we almost dont have any new players.
No drops, even from instances,
even if u will pick u all adena u will not have enough to buy shots for farm
Server population is falling down,
To gear up u need to buy items from l2store or directly from players.
etc etc
L2 is beaufull game, but NC Soft destroying it, and make it unplayble for not so rich people
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