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Talking Othell Fortune Seeker

Hey guys, I'm rather new to GoD and I was curious if it's worth it levelling a Fortune Seeker to craft some High Grade R items, because I only have about 20 days left with my R Paulina Gear.

If it is worth it, can anyone give me some tips on where to farm for Twilight / Apocalypse fragments? Would be highly appreciated

Edit: Is it worth it trying to spoil early game? (lv 20 - lv 80) So far I haven't gotten a single item from Spoiling

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Default Re: Othell Fortune Seeker

Most gear crafting comes from Crafting Packs that drop from bosses. I don't think spoiler can help you in getting gear quickly. Tho having one might be a good idea. They will get some boosts and new skills next expansion.

You should have a lv. 85 character, or a few, and do Zaken 3x a week and Freya 2x a week, with each of them. Their drops, like Vesper/Vorpal Rings/Earrings/Armor pieces, other S80 drops, can be sold in an NPC shop. From a couple of million for a ring to a 10-20 for an armor piece, 70-80+ for a weapon. That should help with some early game gearing.
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Default Re: Othell Fortune Seeker

I have tried this before just for fun, crafting twilight armors only (didn't try apo weapons).
What I did to get the main mats/Recipe, was by doing the quests in magmeld for cert. of promise that you can use to buy mats and recipe from proof trading master in magmeld.
I only have 2 chars during that time to do the quests and it took me 1-2 weeks just to complete the ingredients for just 1pc twilight armor and then I will take my chance in giran to craft it.
Most of the time the result was successfull in 1st or 2nd try but there was also a time that the crafting was failed 3x in row and because of my frustration I ended up buying mats to try again and guess what, it was failed the 4th time lol.
I also got some of the mats from mob drops during grinding and questing.
Twi LA mat drops in fairies and twi bp/boots/gauntlet drop in isle of souls golem spot.
I stopped after crafting robe and heavy sets.

So it's up to you if you want to try the crafting route in gearing your char.
If you have lots of time and want to try crafting, give it a try.
But if you have like 3hrs a day and want to focus on leveling, you can do the money quest at the same time.
Swampland quest gives 5M if you reach max quest items, that's 100M in 20 days.
Also, On lvl 90 there's one time quest in fortuna that gives 40M+
And Do Oly every week and sell GE for 6M each depends on your server, approx. 24M earning per week.

Forget about spoil, it's not worth doing it.
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