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Default Question about Cubics. . .

Ok, so from what I've been able to tell cubics require this thing called spirit ore. But while browsing the skills list available to me at, I noticed something peculiar. I'll just quote the skills:

Summon Life Cubic Lv. 2
Cost: 44 mana
Summons a Life Cubic. The Life Cubic uses magic to regenerate HP to its owner and party members. Requires 6 Spirit Ore.

So, it clearly mentions it costs spirit ore, and how many. Now:

Summon Knight Cubic Lv. 7
Cost: 115 mana
Summons a Knight Cubic. The summoned cubic recovers 6% of Max HP, removes debuffs from you and makes you immune to debuffs for 6 seconds. Also P. Def. and M. Def. +500.

Basically, the knight cubics don't say ANYTHING about costing spirit ore. Which leads me to my question. Was the site just being lazy and omitting the cost of spirit ore as a given? Or are you rewarded in higher levels of play as a tank by being able to summon knight cubics (which are pretty awesome) with just mana and no need for spirit ore?
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