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Default Re: Players Killing Lineage 2 By Their Own Hands

Originally Posted by elfachagol View Post
Kartia 95 and kamaloka are different instances (K95 amd KAMA)

But k99 i never heard about it

And this is what im talking about.
This game is a heaven for bullies.
U cant post anything bcs immediatelly in 2nd or 3rd post ppl will attack you. No matter if you have right or not. They will call you nab, dumb, private serve player etc.
Why the hell he have to prove he playin official server lol...?
Or maybe you dont play official if u dont know what is k99, bcs ppl use this name for party matching and shouting everyday? Want screenshot? Server is offline but im sure ill find some to prove lol....
Or maybe i am playin private server too... ;p
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Default Re: Players Killing Lineage 2 By Their Own Hands

WARNING: Cros-server hate!
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Default Re: Players Killing Lineage 2 By Their Own Hands

Originally Posted by Maximiano View Post
I do agree that, NCWest turned everything on p2w and $$ but this community deserves that. Because most of this community is selfish af.

If there are no more new players, its main reason is current players and second reason is NCWest. Community of l2 is obsessive about perfection. For example, most of parties (even starting from K85) are have some problems. They are mostly going duo,trio of 5ppl. And with some gear requirement which is unavaliable for new starter.

Its all same for all kartia parties. Main bullsh*t is after 97 Most of parties which is for 97+ instances (i mean CC/Baylor) recruiting 99+ ... i saw a guy was even asking POM for Baylor... its 5 min instance. And K99 (i dont know why its called k99 when noone invite 99 lv) ppl asking "link weapon" for 99 lv instance. All of these for saving few minutes

One more thing, i've noticed and experianced that. Noone wants tank in parties except AF and Gludio. I dont understand, if you dont invite a tank for any instance between 85-101 lvs to save 2 mins, how do you expect to find a tank or raise new tanks in server ?

If you cant even invite 99 lv 1 or 2 ppl to k99 pt (which is not heavy weight to carry) HOW DO YOU EXPECT NEW PPL TO WELCOME ?? Stop blaming on NCWest and first check urself. Most of new comers are not aiming to be top PvPer or get +10 bloody armor/weapons in 1 month so they dont give a sh*t about L2Store as much as u are, they just care about having fun. Allien Nano Supply was nice income for newbies but some ret*rds was ksing and petrify stole 1,5kk worth item. I wish all of this ret*rds leave this game and let new players to enjoy game without any perfection requirements. Stop farming low raids, let them get apo/tw gear atleast.. low raid wont make you rich but they can help newbies a lot to gear up !
This is only Lineage 2 we can play. If NCWest dont care it, we should. Or just stop blaming and complaining about NCWest for making game hard to newcomers "like u care".

You cant want someone to survive while you strangling him
I can agree with you on some points.

First off, you CANNOT blame players for failing to successfully overcome the obstacles in the game. The base problem your referring to is "my gear is not good enough". This is fundamentally a problem created and maintained by the devs/NCwest. If the drops weren't removed for astonishingly invalid reasons, every player would have the ability to farm /craft / buy better gear. Fixing this alone is problem solved.

The fact is, that without at least an elemented set of armor, preferably at least +6, you will get killed in a K99 (yes that IS what it is called, get outa here with flaming the least important thing in this thread.). You would die so often, it would/could negatively affect the outcome of the raid itself, then everyone loses.

The second problem, is the elitists mentality perpetrated by some of the community. This is first and foremost a psychological issue with these people. Weather they are attempting to make up for their lack of ability in the real world, or otherwise deflecting their own view of self inadequacy upon those whom they deem "lesser". Almost always, to facilitate this they have spent an irresponsible amount of money on their toon, to further their own make believe. (watch "Westworld" for a better understanding)

And yes Jullie is probably a good example of this. You can tell by the way this person was triggered for no other reason than the fact that you held up a small mirror for him/her in your OP.

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