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Default Good setup? (dyes, jewels, ect)

Hey, so I was wondering which jewelry combination is best for Sahya Seer?
And which dyes are best for her, I mean I know INT is good, but some say WIT aswell.
Armor and weap ir pretty much clear to me. Just wondering about the other stuffs =)

If you're a top Sahya, just tell me what you have. Thank you in advance ! ^o^

Regards, Asuna <3
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Default Re: Good setup? (dyes, jewels, ect)

For tattoos I'm wearing 3x +5 Int/+5 Luc. The luc helps me craft via alchemy (since I'm only about a year and change back into the game I need to make adena to fuel more gear) and the Int, in my opinion, is better than Wit.

For jewelry: Baium soul ring, AQ soul ring, or ring of creation (for +% M crit damage)
Valakas (later blessed) necklace
Rings/neck are more important than earrings, for the -CD from neck and m crit damage from rings. The class needs high M atk, m crit rate, and m crit damage as its priorities from my point of view.
That being said- especially post-99 you cannot neglect putting element on your armor. Seers are squishy, and fully elementing my armor set at 99 has saved me countless close calls.
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