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Default Forums: How to Search

I'm reposting this guide written by purp. Thanks purp!

Okay, so you're new and you have a question. You go ahead and ask it on the forums and wonder why you get so many negative replies. Here's your answer. You didn't search before posting!

Read Point #5

Ok, so here are two fool proof ways to search the Lineage II Official forums.

Method #1

1 Click Search

2 Enter your search terms. E.G. SR Silver Ranger Tattoo Dye

2a Using " " around the words searches as if it's a phrase. E.G. "Silver Ranger"

2b Using + before words will only search where that word is present. E.G. +SR +"Silver Ranger"

2c Using - before words will only search where that word is not present. E.G. -PR -"Phantom Summoner"

2d Putting a space either side of a quoted word will search for that as a whole word. E.G. "PR" could return results such as "Prepare" where as " PR " would look for the exact term.

2e Using a combination of these will get you what you want. Below is an example.

I'm looking for information on the effect WIT has on resurrection and experience regained from dying.

Below is the string I'd use.

+EXP +WIT Experience

However, you probably won't find it just yet as the boards default time to search is only a week. I tend to set it back to 3 years for a generic search or to 6 months for an Interlude search. It all depends on the information you're looking for.

3 Select the date Range based on my suggestion above.

4 Increase the results to 50 to get more on one page.

5 Click Submit.

If you find you have too many irrelevant posts you can narrow it down by one of many ways.

1 Pick which areas of the forum you want to search. Click on the parent, or sub forum you want to use and hold control to select any additional areas. For my example I'd probably pick "Player Questions" and "Player Guides".

2 Mess around with the search string, make more words a required term or include "-" searches where you remove anything which is completely irrelevant.

3 Change the date range. Shorten it if you remember seeing the post recently but can't find it.

Method #2

Use Google. All you need is the term: (no spaces, quotes or anything else) and then use the method I described in point 2 in the above method. Google uses the same functionality (along with some other nifty stuff) as the UBBThreads board which will make your life easier. You can even search for things which date back more than 3 years since there is no time limit on what Google caches. +EXP +WIT Experience

I hope this thread will be useful for everyone, not just the new people. When posting a reply to this please include something which you want me to search for using the above methods so I can give some examples. Feel free to provide your own examples, make sure you note down in your post exactly how you came over the results.. i.e. time frame, criteria and which forums you searched.

Happy Searching
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Default Re: Forums: How to Search

Thank you very Very much for this post.. i have been here three years and never knew how to search on here.. like when they say search the fourms for certian posts.. im like.. im sure will take me for ever to do tthat... but not any more.. thank you again...
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Default Re: Forums: How to Search

You're welcome.

I've always found that it is usually (90% of the time) quicker to search for previous answers rather than risk the wrath of the community (myself included *blush*) telling you to go search! Simple 1 line answers never hurt but when people ask for things like "How to level a necro 20-40?" which has many answers, then the search really does help because there are x+1 threads on topics such as that.

I hope more people benefit from this tutorial - despite what most people think, I do like helping
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