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Default Carlos MAX Hero, USD Hero :D??

Hi all! well here is iTracie or now his new name Carlos another USD buy char.

Date when buy char 12-06-2016 - 12-21-2016.

Human Female
<--- in that time was female
Sigel Shillien Templar 104 LVL & 9% +15 CON +12 LUC
Tyrr Dreadnought 103 LVL & 81% +15 STR -6 DEX


Exalted status

Date created

Skill enchantment MAIN
ALL skills are + 10 except :
Party UD +15
Solo UD +15
Noble Sacrifice +15
Party Rescue +15
Lighting Strike +12

Skill enchantment DUAL
The following skills are +10 :
Thunder Storm
Armor Destruction
Power Bomber
Second Wind
Winged Spear
Spirit of the Slayer

5 slot Brooch
Opal lvl 3
Topaz lvl 3
Diamond lvl 3
Obsidian lvl 3
Amethyst lvl 2
Vital lvl 3
Ruby lvl 3
Pearl lvl 3

40x Errupting Vitality(1hr)
30x Vitality Maintaining Potion (1hr)
20 x XP Buff Potion(1hr)
20 x Wind Scrolls
23 x Party Cake
1 x XP Rune III 100% (7-day)
1 x SP Rune 200% (7-day)
2 x Drop Rate Rune 200% (7-day)


Giant's Battle Roar
Giant's Undying Will
Old Refresh
Old Reflect
Party PR
Passive Weight limit

Other non tradeable items
12x Immortal Scrolls
1 x Ertheia's Rare Accessory (7-day)
Talisman Wind Defence
Dimensional Bracelet Stage 3
Istina/Octavis/Tauti Bracelets
Istina/Octavis Crystals
Some Clan Leader Items

Other toons in the account
95lvl ertheia that can craft Party Love Potions
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