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Default Dwarf Engineer (Summoner)

Since NCSoft will start asking our opinion. I have a simple game that embodies other classes to other races. I like dwarves, and an idea for a summoner dwarf could not get out of my mind. made a little play with summoner and maestro classes, this is my first try. Hope you enjoy.

Dwarf Engineer (Summoner) – Awakened Maestro Tree (Fighter Base Stats)

Introduction – Dwarf race, relegade to simple box, and diminished usefullness over the years made me think about one class that embodies aspects of Lineage 2 dwarf race background. From storyline and desire, and to my simple view of skills. It has been used for most part the summoner class skills with different names (and possible frames), with the same effects. This class was made to be a Fighter class, with fighter stats, the only transformation is siege golem spirit. So Ultimate Golem Life Link was made to be less effective. The idea is the engineer to fight along side with its golems all the time. Increased Matck, and casting speed to be comparable to other summoners. With no transfer pain, summon stats might be higher than the other summoners, but this is just an idea.

The idea behind is to make a singular hybrid class, with bonus INT and bonus STR. That cannot use Robe.

Here is some of the skills (at 85):


Wild Fire (aka Mark of Fire) – Sprays a sticky oil to the target that burns instiling fear, burning on target to inflict damage with 168 Power added to M. Atk. and reduces Speed by 300.
Salicate Spray (aka Mark of Plague) - Inflicts a blood thinner from the special concoction on the target. For 15 seconds, decreases HP by 370 every second and decreases the power of incoming Heals.
Pepper Spray (aka Mark of Trick) – Intense pepper spray mixture, some shilen oil with fire. For 5 seconds, decreases HP by 303 every second and causes the use of skills to fail.
Absorbing Ray (aka Mark of Void) – Special whiplash that carves life out of the target. For 4 seconds, decreases HP by 336 every second and absorbs some of the damage inflicted as HP/MP for yourself and your servitor(s).
Acid Spray (aka Mark of Weakness) – Decreases 269 HP per second and decreases pdef/mdef by 10%.
Summon Burning Mechanic Golem - A Burning Mechanic Golem is summoned to fight with you. Cost 2 Summon Points.
Summon Burning Toad Golem (ranged) – Summons Burning Toad Golem. Cost 2 Summon Points.
Summon Burning Wild Hog Golem (tank) - Summons Burning Wild Hog Golem. Cost 2 Summon Points.
Summon Wild Hog Cannon - Summons a siege weapon. Can only move in normal mode. During siege mode, it cannot move, and it can inflict ranged attacks. Switching modes takes 30 seconds. Requires 100 R-grade Crystals. Automatically acquired by Maestro class at level 85.
Siege Golem's Spirit - Merge with a powerful Siege Golem. For 5 minutes, P. Def./ M. Def. + 50%, and resistance to bows/crossbows + 50%. Consumes 10 Crystals (R-grade).
Power Hammer Crush - Attacks target with 18005 Power added to P. Atk. while ignoring 30% of their P. Def. Stuns for 5 seconds. Requires a blunt weapon. Over-hit. Critical.
Doom Cage (aka Mass Exile) – Traps enemies on cage with every toxic substance.They become immobile and invincible against debuffs, skills, and standard attacks, and lose 282 HP/second.
Greater Golem Spikes – For 30 Minutes increases pdef 10% and patck 5%, deflect damage +10.
Golem Point Defense (aka Mass Servitor Ultimate Defense)- Increases all golem's P. Def. by 4680 and M. Def. by 4212 for 60 seconds.
Golem Cleaning Cycle (aka Mass Servitor Blessing)- Dispels debuffs on all servitors and makes them immune to debuffs for 5 seconds.
Hard Fix (aka Servitor Major Heal) - Heals the servitor with 1637 Power.
Ultimate Golem Life Link (aka Ultimate Servitor Share) - For 30 minutes, shares the following with your servitor (s): 30% of P. Atk., 40% of P. Def., 30% of M. Def., 10% of Max HP/MP, 5% of Atk. Spd., 20% of P. Critical Rate, 10% of P. Critical Damage.
Create Soulshots - Creates 1900 Beast Soulshots. Consumes 1 Crystal (R-grade).
Pinpoint Explosion (aka Mark of the Retriever) – Retrieves any Spray from target, Inflicts damage according to the number of retrieved sprays.

Superior Spirit Mastery - Poison/Bleed/Hold/Sleep/Mental Attack Resistance +30%. STR +1, INT +1 .
Superior Heavy Armor Mastery - When heavy armor is equipped, Max HP +5368, P. Def. +1731; P. Critical Damage Received -35%. Additionally, STR +1, INT +1.
Superior Resistance- M. Def. + 776, and Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Resistance + 20. STR + 1, INT +1.
Superior Golem Mastery - A Golem can be summoned when summon points are 4 or lower. STR +1, INT +1; When the 4 Srays Skills are used, the Golems are linked with the ability of wrath.
Superior Weapon Mastery - M. Atk. + 35%, additional M. Atk. + 1279, Casting Spd. + 35%, M. Critical Rate + 10%. P. Atk. + 105%, Additional P. Atk. + 822, P. Accuracy + 4 when a one-handed blunt weapon is equipped. STR+1, INT + 1. Depending on your INT, the Cooldown resets or the duration increases by 2 times.
Superior Shield Mastery - Shield Def. Success Rate +50%, Shield Def. +40%.
Create Item - Allows the user to manufacture level 11 items.
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Default Re: Dwarf Engineer (Summoner)

Dwarf Summoners are the best for PvE. Why? cuz they have the Melee stats!
All their High Str gets transferred to servitors making the minions do a lot more damage than other summoners! Other Summoners do +15 Str Dyes to boost their Servitor damage, but dorfie summoner has higher Str already even without the dyes! What more can you ask? It's OP class!
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Default Re: Dwarf Engineer (Summoner)

If you noticed, Golem Link stats are reduced (to put in line with other summoners).

Other idea is make this summoner use only heavy armor, since there's no transfer pain.
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Default Re: Dwarf Engineer (Summoner)

Man, give me adress ur drugdealer pls!
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Default Re: Dwarf Engineer (Summoner)

I know this or anything for Dwarf will never be implemented, they preffered to create fallen angels with one wing (called chickens) or an entirelly new race of dumbo chicks with fists.

I will probably gonna change my maestro to Titan, because there's no economy based charater that cannot gather or craft on a daily basis. And loose to Dumbos and Chickens its stupid.
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dwarf, new class, summmoner

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