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Originally Posted by Draecke View Post
ow I got another fanboy, sweet!! ^^
To start with I’m not in ally or any of those clans . If you look back to my time table of posts you will see in comming from zaken and had no idea what chronos is . Back in zaken we thought the strongest clan is renovatio . And that they are unbeatable since they own 3 dragon wepaons of witch one is stage 2 . With insane number of players that can not Match other clans . After transferring to chronos the first think I saw was MS gainak . MS in dragons pvp with nova ( nova looses ) MS talk trash and particularly xspawn . Begging for 7v7 and nova hide . DIEGOS AMAZING videos nuking nova everywhere . And nova players in rune hitting npc , shouting about how good they are from rune , making shouts about wtb wts particularly you with this stupid post wtb shield +14 will most of tanks running with +8 or if super old players with a lot of adena +10.nova players are been found in forums , ch , or towns. So yo understand that the only responsible for this image is your clan because they loose and talk . I would suggest you not to talk Match since you loose and embarace your selves into the eyes of the chronos . It’s not only about the image yo show to chronos but allso about the image yo show at dim siege with is known you helping max . The other clan we thought it was good . So 2 biggest hands in the game max + nova holding hands agains ms ( the noob clan as you say ) . I lm not a fan of ms or any big clan . Because you need a lot of $$$ to be there . But I’m fun of diego and xspawn ( the dragon weapon Slayer ) won pepinio in 1v1 in healer have seen the video , because they talk trush in your face outside ch and not from the town . END
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