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Default Sieghardt Server Personality

Players who visited the Sieghardt server forum picked these choices as the top three to best describe the personality of the Sieghardt server, with a total of 61 votes:

<ul type="square">[*] PvP, PKing, and active clan wars[*] Lots of high level players[*] Inter-clan drama and politics[/list]We hope this helps you in your decision to play on the Sieghardt server!

[color= orange]Who is Sieghardt?[/color]

Sieghardt is a Dark Avenger who burns with a quiet but persistent desire for revenge. In the past, he was an aristocrat from Rune. At a young age, he was duly selected captain of the Knight of the Golden Fleece. However, because of the conspiracy of a political enemy, the Knights of the Golden Fleece were dissolved. His entire family was assassinated, but was able to escape alive, thanks to the sacrifice of his loyal troops. Tormented by the humiliation he suffered at his enemy's hands, he secretly joined a group of mercenaries. However, his years of natural leadership became obvious over time and he became captain of the mercenary troop. When he met Orim the Shadow in Giran, Sieghardt finally obtained the power needed to fulfill his desire for revenge…

[color= orange]Clans on Sieghardt[/color]

Please visit the Fan Site Listing and this thread for a list of clans that are active on the Sieghardt server.

[color= orange]Did You Know?[/color]

The InnerCatalyst team of Sieghardt is the Division 3 champion in the Lineage II Battle Tournament.
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