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Default Sieghardt Clan List

Clan Name: WrathoftheJust
Clan Level: 5
Clan Leader: PameanWraith
Clan officers: Vampyress, LadyMoira, GabbyMcKenzie
Alliance: Integrity
Clan Website:
Requirements: Honor, Integrity and Maturity. Member level and class is secondary and therefore negotiable.
Clan Activity: Casual
Clan Description:
Swords High Sieghardt!

WrathoftheJust |<W>| is a newly formed clan heading the Integrity alliance on Sieghardt. We are an alternative to the clans on this server that are run by kids and adults who act like kids.

Our values are Honor, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Maturity. We aren't about proving our e-junk is bigger. We don't use third party programs because of an inability to handle the competition within the game's rules. We don't run around the server "pwning" people and ruining the game for decent players.

Now, if we aren't your style of clan, then I'm happy to announce that there are scores of clans that will appeal to you. If we are your style of clan, there are a few choices for you on this server and I hope you'll consider |<W>| when looking for a new home.

We are small and do not recruit people to increase oyr numbers. We invite players who share our values. As members of Sieghardt since the beginning of C2, we consider this server our virtual home and strive to keep it the best of the servers.

We are family oriented, non-griefing, non-PKing casual players. We find that couples who play the game together are often a good fit for our clan (as in when we were co-founders of Equalizers clan), though it is certainly not a requirement.

In this early stage of recruitment, we are not particular when it comes to levels (though A grade and above will get you partied better) or levels. We are very supportive of players of support classes as we prefer live healers and buffers over boxed toons.

Please feel free to visit our website as listed above for more in-depth information and policies.
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