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Default Thank you all...Devianne is dead, Long live Devianne memories...

Thank you all Devianne players,

The last 6 years have been amazing. Lineage 2 is an awesome MMORPG that hooked us in a way that made this game an important part of our lives. Remember how we organized our lives around L2 in-game events like sieges, boss raids, etc?

I have thousands of in-game pictures to help me remember in detail all the events that live in my memory, all the friends and foes (good people like me in real life), all the joys and sad moments.

I have a real feeling of accomplishment from my level 1 first character to my several 80+ characters I have now. This feeling is only possible because L2 is an hard game, harder in the begining than now but still a game that demands a lot of time and dedication from players.

Since 1998 I played all the best MMORPG around and I can still say that Lineage 2 is the best. I wish all the best to L2 and to all of you, may we still play L2 in 2 or 3 years from now.

Best regards,
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