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Default Tanks 101 Aura Party Bonus effects etc.

posting this here as well to make it easier to find for other newbie players or those curious about what Tanks can add to a Party out side the classic typical tank role stuff.

Party Boost Effects through 101 Aura and passive party buff trigger skills:

1. Paladin Aura - Party members' P./M. Def. +20%, Heal Received +20%; P. Critical Damage Received -20%
- has passive party buff skill trigger that increases pdeff & mdeff (higher % then Eva Templar but no elemental protection bonus)
2. Hell Knight Aura - Debuff effect only: Decreases P./M. Atk. by 30%, Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. by 30%, Speed by 20 and Received Critical Damage by 15% of nearby enemies.
- has passive party buff skill trigger that increases patt/matt (higher % then the SK but no elemental patt bonus)
3. Eva Templar Aura - Party members' P./M. Def. +20%, 6Attribute Def. +40, Debuff Resistance +20%.
- has passive party buff skill trigger that increases pdef / mdeff / elemental resist
4. Shillien Templar Aura - Increases party members' P. Atk. By 10%, Atk. Spd. by 10%, M. Atk. by 10%, Casting Spd. by 10% and Speed by 10.
- has passive party buff trigger skill that increases P. Atk./ M. Atk / elemental patt

Pending on Party Set Up having the right type of tank will make a huge difference and you can actually stack the HK debuff effect with one of the Boost effect aura's. You can NOT stack active boost effect aura's as those overwrite eachother.

A very strong PVE set up can be stacked DD like Titan + POM Iss + SK + HK, that combo doesn't even need a healer in almost any PVE situation - does require above average gear thou on the Titan and on at least 1 of the Tanks in case of mob control needs.

PS, how to recognize the really stacked PVP parties is simple those where the Tank(s) are using the Skill refresh Aura for faster skill cycles. Again in case of 2 Tanks a HK can be used to debuf the enemies with his Aura (land rate goes up when OE'd past +10).
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