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Default [LF CPs lvl 102-105]

I am looking to talk to/gather constant parties to form on Freya Server.

My background: My name is Skirn (in-game: buffgirl) I was leader of ImmortalTwilighT (Unforgiven/DragonHunters/Silenthorrors) on Naia/Teon pre-goddess of destruction. But none of that stuff matters now. Lets get down to business.

We are looking for Level 102-105 CPs to fight alongside our CP, and a few others to fight max under 1 clan. Put your ego aside for a minute and try to make this happen, instead of crying about Max this and Max that.

Requirements of the Clan:
  • Open Wars 24/7 [please don't cry about exp loss, use your brain about getting rez, etc if stuff DOES happen which it will]
  • Don't care about macro, hence open wars 24/7
  • Please don't cry about exalted quests, use your brain to figure things out
  • Respect one another
  • Don't expect the world, grow into things and make things happen with a positive attitude, if you automatically say NO it will be a NO result. "No, we can't fight for a dragon" Well guess what automatic no dragon for you because you are pessimistic."
  • Primary ENGLISH in clan chat/ally chat/ Teamspeak

Requirements/Preference of CPs
  • Lowest level of your party can be 102.
  • At least 2 out of 7 of your party members in +8 or higher Dark Sets;rest in +8 or higher sets
  • Abundance Level 1 on all characters required
  • Anakim talisman strongly preferred
  • Longing Talisman minimum required
  • +7-12 Dark Weapon Required with 2 SA at this point in the game (proper augment preferred)
  • All Tattoo Slots filled with +5, or better dyes/tats
  • Use of NCcoin once in a while would be great
  • Preferred Brooch with required jewels for PvP depending on your class (Amethyst, Obsidian, Tanz, Ruby/Sapphire/etc)
  • The use of Damage Reduction when you can get it on mass pvp/sieges is strongly suggested
    • Nevit's cloaks
    • Dandy Scrolls
    • AOS Barrier (New from Fishing event)
  • Know how to properly enchant your skills for PvP, not PvE setups.
  • AP Tree Specs for PvP
  • Use of Teamspeak
  • The Drive to hit 105+ (not to stay levels 102-104 forever) your cp must be active and do daily activities, I understand you have a real life and can't daily everyday, but at least 3-5 times a week would be preferred, also ability to box for boss spawns is required.
  • All CPs should have a minimum of 1 tank,1 healer, and 1 live iss (NOT BOXED) as a base.
  • Physical/Magical reflect shirts/shiny +6 or higher is a plus
  • Epic Jewels are required to be had on the CP members, I'm not expecting everyone to be in b. anthy, b. valakas, lindi, etc. but come on at least bare minimum epics people and enchant them to +4-5 at least plus augment.
  • Olympiad will be a part of this as well, so you will have to participate in Olympiad when called upon if you can make it (don't draft/olympiad dodge).
  • Dimensional Siege/Freya Normal Castle Sieges participation are a 100% requirement, if you cannot make it(everyone has a real life) there will be a notification area where you can post/notify the clan in advance of your inability to make it and look for a replacement class for your CP.

Doesn't matter if you are NA based or EU based CP, all are welcome as long as you can meet most of these preferred bullet points/requirements. We need all time zones covered.
Mix of hardcore/3-5 hour a day players preferred to get a nice balance.

Enough crying about Max taking everything from level 1 bosses to 104-105 and farming gainak 24/7.

Do something about it.

If you are interested please in-game mail buffgirl.


-Skirn (buffgirl)
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Default Re: [LF CPs lvl 102-105]

Very interesting.

Some questions:
- Do you have or have had open war with MAX in the past 3 months?
- Any significative success against MAX in the last 3 months: castles, heroes, dragons, whatever?
- If you are only 1 CP (and I guess in a 14 member clan), why don't you put your ego aside and join a Clan with open war 24/7?
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Default Re: [LF CPs lvl 102-105]

Originally Posted by Ahura View Post
Very interesting.

Some questions:
- Do you have or have had open war with MAX in the past 3 months?
- Any significative success against MAX in the last 3 months: castles, heroes, dragons, whatever?
- If you are only 1 CP (and I guess in a 14 member clan), why don't you put your ego aside and join a Clan with open war 24/7?
I'm a member of above CP, and this is my opinion not the CP leader opinion.

There are not much in the way of "Open War" with Max. There's a couple of clans that gank, and people who drop the war frequently. Max are Dark castle so they can be ganked anywhere anytime anyway. To be perfectly honest, there isn't much reason to have open war since they are dark.

Basically, we hold our own against Max. The biggest issue in fighting them is Gear and Levels. The latest slew of events have fixed alot of that level gap. Now it's just gear.

Also, this CP is a more "fresh face". Too many groups have baggage, Divekio is one of the biggest anti-Max guys on server. Alot of us (myself included) remember him when SD was at the height of their power. Those arent always pleasant memories. Too many of the "powerful" toons are disliked by too many people for various reasons

That being said, we are trying to slowly build something to fight Max. Lots of people want to do it, but cannot put aside their own egos to do so. We are a less known, less drama causing, fresh face on the scene. Hopefully, by having something to work towards, there is a better chance of success if it involves a group not as... burdened by the past.

As far as success, our CP had about 10 seconds left on a castle cast, our solo CP. We single handily forced Max parties to relocate to save castles numerous times and were assigned some of their better groups to target us. We have not contested any Dragons, we are a sole CP, we need more CPs to do said things... thus the post.

We have dropped most max parties to the point where we get VN and lllll dropped on us to prevent things from happening. We have fought them at Parn, Blackbird, and others.. we do not always win but we give them a fight. With the exception of thier top PvP parties we can beat many of them in a straight 7v7 and have done so.

We arent even fully geared, but we are all good at our classes. I'm a feoh, and Ive beaten Max heroes without a dark set, undergeared, and under leveled. I'm saying that to show it's possible. While there are some super cool down to earth folks in Max who are very good, a great many of them are just uber geared with very little character skill.

We are attempting to do what people keep saying needs to be done but wont.. give Max an actual fight. To do so requires someone to step forward and lead them, trying to gather the CPs needed to make it work instead of people scattered everywhere. Max's levels have been nullified greatly, their gear can be matched more and more as time goes on... but they are highly organized. You need someone to fight back on that scale too, and so far no one who has tried to lead a fight against them has succeeded there. I believe we can.

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