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Default Welcome to Chronos, DarknessReborn Recruiting.

We are a PVE clan recruiting , please see below!!

Clan Name : DarknessReborn
SERVER : Chronos
Clan Leader : Astralix
Officers : Aiolus, TicTuu, Quaver, BloodAlmighty, Freak, Bremen, DeJoule, Sheldorr, Greenur
Clan Recruiting Officer : Aiolus, Quaver
Clan Level : 11 (Wildbeast Clan Hall)
Number of Members: 120+ Active
Most Active Days/Times: All time zones, the most active being Euro time // Euro v US time membership = 70% Euro, 30% US
Primary Language (if not English): English - To join you need a good standard of typed English
Clan Activity Focus: Daily Quests (Including 93+95+97 Dailies), Group Kartias, Kamas, AF groups, Istina, Octavis, Freya Extreme, Frintezza, Epic Istina, Epic Octavis, Epic Tauti, Tauti, Tiat, Ekimus, Beleth, Antharas, Valakas, Lindvior, Trasken, Baium, Kelbim & more!
Clan Website/Forums:

About us: Botters & cheaters look somewhere else. We use an ally Team Speak & application via our forum and is mandatory. We strongly encourage all members to use TeamSpeak to inspire a much better sense of community and help people get to know each other better and to get parties easily.

We seek proactive new members, good personalities, people who will rather than ask for parties constantly will step up and make them and bring the place alive with activity. There is no pressure to play 10 hours a day or anything like that, play when you like and join in the fun! Important also, we play with a PvE focus but will have some fun with a war here and there usually for a defined timescale.

We are an old Gustin clan with a proud history! We have members who have played this game since BETA with a wealth of experience about the game. We have held as a more PvE focused clan, quite a few castles including Oren with our ally for around 1 year straight before past server merges. We have also held every siegeable clan hall at one time or another. We have players from all over the world, there will be someone else from your country in our clan quite likely!

We are in the largest PvE ally on the server with Core & Sunshine, The Apex Alliance. Our game is fun, decent people, 18+, fair game play, hassle avoidance and we encourage all our members to selflessly help out clannies wherever possible with items, buffs and groups! All Clan Raids &Castle Sieges are prebook on our forum. If you feel you would fit in well and enjoy our clan ethos, apply at

To join you need to be at least 100+ This is due to the majority of content being for higher levels. The most important aspect of joining our clan is to be involved in as much of our planned activities as you are able, raids, sieges, xp parties. We are not a spring board for you to get access to dragons and encourage every member to be active in our forums, in our Team Speak and of course in clan chat! We also have WhatsApp members group, Facebook and forums!!

Thanks for reading!
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