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Default Lionna Server Personality

Players who visited the Lionna server forum picked these choices as the top three to best describe the personality of the Lionna server, with a total of 84 votes:

<ul type="square">[*] PvP, PKing, and active clan wars[*] Inter-clan drama and politics[*] Role-playing[/list]We hope this helps you in your decision to play on the Lionna server!

[color= orange]Who is Lionna?[/color]

Lionna is a female Warlord who is led by fate, advancing arduously towards the path of a Lord. From a merchant's family in Innadril, she had a childhood dream that foretold she would become a Lord. She was condemned of treason for revealing her dreams. Lionel Hunter, the Lord of Innadril, had a premonition of Lionna's fate and pardoned her, adopting the child as his goddaughter. Following Lionel's recommendation, she traveled to Goddard, where she met an underling of Valakas, the Fire Dragon. Preparing for the approaching epoch of chaos, Lionna continues her journey, gathering a force of those who share her beliefs…

[color= orange]Clans on Lionna[/color]

Please visit the Fan Site Listing and this thread for a list of clans that are active on the Lionna server.

[color= orange]Did You Know?[/i][/color]

Lionna is often called the “unofficial” role-playing server. Please take a look at the Community Spotlight for more information about role-playing in Lineage II!

On April 22, 2006, the Invincible and Mirage alliances of Lionna became the first in North America to defeat the Fire Dragon Valakas. Read more about the raid in this Community Spotlight.
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