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Default Gear priority for tank and worth playing?

First of all, I read some topic that says Tanks are not good or a must in PVP/PVE parties. I am trying hard to level my tank up but I dont wanna get disappointed doing so. Can anyone tell something about tank status in game?

Secondly, where should I start gearing up? Armor, jewe, brooch, any other suggestion or a path for me to follow gearing?

Thank you everyone who tries to help in advance.
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Default Re: Gear priority for tank and worth playing?

First of all, you need to decide which type of tank you want to play - defensive or offensive. Cause I hardly doubt that you will be able to afford gear to play both.

Defensive tank is in times easier to gear and cheaper than offensive one.

Secondly, I strongly suggest if you do not have clan or have it but not having a CP to try find that. Cause without a clan/CP it will be very hard for you to level up. Judging by what you wrote I guess that you are just started to level your tank or it is not a high level still.

Trust me, you can level it up to let's say 99, but then if you do not have a good supporting clan or a CP it will be a real pain in the **** to reach 100, cause 99% of the player base will not want you in their party for Kama 99 from which at this level you can get the best xp compared to everything else.

Not sure with how much resources you can spare, I mean adena to gear up your tank, but if you can afford to get for example +8 blessed TW Heavy full elemented this must be a good start with getting a decent armor.

For other parts of your gear we are already discussed a few ideas what tanks can use I think it is written in the best pve tank topic.

Good luck
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Default Re: Gear priority for tank and worth playing?

Indeed Tanks are not needed till further lvls, and even then you can do things without tank but is a lot harder. Most ppl will want a tank on Atelia Fortress and on Altar of Shillien.
I do not recomend dps way because is extremly expensive, only viable with Sigel Hell Knight and start over 101. On next update will not worth it, because they change auras and true vanguard.

So on defensive a bless twilight on a phoenix or evas templar is a good way to go.
Defensive setup works around CON and pdef. For dual class skill HP and for AP ofcourse knight by taking HP, PDEF, ELE on first row, Heavy on second, HP and shield defence on third the rest whathever. on 105 ele defence.

Then you will need a decent diamond (lvl 3 or more), abundance lvl 1 is also a cheap thing to have to boost your defence.

Any weapon with SA health / health atk speed is ok for tanking.
Try to play with friends, if not make 2 other chars, a DD that do good damage like Wynn (ok dps cheap to equip) and iss. With this you will be able to do Kartia with thouse 3 chars.
You will not be able to lvl up solo if you not have a decent weapon and dps setup. Will be a lot cheaper to gear any good DD to do good pve damage and to gear your char to be a good tank, besides on next update sayonara to dps builds on tanks XD

So for tank gear

+15 con
con + pdef hair acc ideal, Con hat for pve/open pvp, pdef hat for oly
defensive bless twilight +8 or bether armor
diamond lvl 3 or better
abundance lvl 1 or better
jewel acc stun setup can be a cheap and good option or para if ST. (queen ant, ring of creation, frinteza soul, pvp jewel 40% if you can find it now, istina earring normal, orfen soul, thouse are good and not too expensive)

any weapone with 2x Health SA

Not much love for tanks but are indeed needed. Pain in the *** to lvl =)
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