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Default Ellipsis is open for new blood!

Dear all,

On behalf of 1 i am here to announce the new recruitment for our main/sub clan CPs.

We Ellipsis LV11 clan is now looking for new candidate to expand our capabilities toward an unknown future of lineage 2. We are one of the oldest and probably the friendliest clan on Freya, We are constantly doing dailies and farms everyday although not the best farm location but we can do faction farming anywhere with efficiency and speed.
We also do Epics, Tavern, Kama, AOS, etc in lowest time possible....less than 3 minutes for kama, and less than 10 for AF and AOS boss in less than 3 minutes.
Not to mention the friendly atmosphere in our clan where jokes and funs is very common throughout the hard-ship. Drops from farms and Epics are evenly distributed for equality of clan member without any discrimination whether you are new or old, High or Low lvls,

We are now preparing to bring our clan back to be able to pvp once again and looking forward for the comrades whom want to fight the paths with us, Thus bring us the new age of Ellipsis. We are few steps closer to be pvp capable clan now and just a few push we should be there and be competitive
once again.
We currently have clan-hall in Gludin, with all clan hall function and skills,

Submit your application today for immediate review/interview or message to 1, Iceri, Playhound, Loveinthemist isquall or Mene. We are here for you and of-course for Fun!

We do speak English and Thai! We are Thailand Clan, The Clan of smile with Thai-Style-Only attitude.

Join us and bring competition back into the field again. We can't do it without you! Let's make Lineage2 Great Again! Boooy!

Ellipsis out!
Example of our AF daily farming!
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