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Default TimelessLand, LvL 7 PvE clan recruiting casual players of ALL LEVEL.

TimelessLand, LvL7 PvE clan recruiting all players any level.

This is a laid back, easy going clan for the players who don't want too much clan pressure on them.

1. We don't use vent but use good old style typing
2. No pressure for Siege.
3. We don't PvP.
4. No botting.
5. No afk macro.
6. Good manners please.
7. No begging, scamming, disrespecting or bad-mouthing other clan members.

Most clans in chronos only look for players 100+, 101+ but this is a clan for any level. Any level is more than welcome to join us until they become 100+ and join a more active clan.

What we hope to achieve

1. LvL4 clan buff - all we need is 40 x players logged in for 30 minutes
2. Dailies - once we have enough players, we will have k85,90,95, Kama, CC&Baylor but no pressure. we can always fill the empty spots with a pug.

3. Balok & Tauti on every reset. I have 3 x accounts filled with DDs that can solo those instances. All I need is 4 x LvL99 characters with me. Gears don't really matter. Looking for 2 players who can box 2 x characters.

Who is this clan for?

1. Returners - if you got any questions, you can just ask me
2. newbies - if you are unable to chat because your character level is too low, and one of my officer is recruiting, e.g. littlehope, simply do this

/invite littlehope

once we are in the same party, we can talk

3. High level veterans looking for a clan for their alt characters.
Playing one and only one character can be boring sometimes and it is quite natural wanting to play alt characters for a change. This can be the clan for you. LvL4 clan buff for your alts, dailies & Raid farming, no pressure for vent, pvp, siege. You can log in whenever you want and do stuff with clannies if you feel the need. I think it will be nice to have some veterans in the clan, who can guide the newbies/returners into the right direction, too.

If interested, please mail me your usual play time to "JahIthBer" Chronos, so I can clan-invite you.

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