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Cross-Server Clan Recruitment Hall Looking for a clan but not sure what server to play on or transfer to? Have a clan chapter on every server? This is the place for you.

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Default Re: (Sayah) {=}Equalizers Clan Recruiting

To further clarify our policy on cheating for L2;

We define cheating not only as the aftermarket programs that people use make their toon or equipment better but also define cheating based on the actions of the player. We consider such things as back attacking, violating predetermined terms set down before a duel and such as cheating.

For example, A pair patricipating in a duel have predetermined that pots are not to be used prior to the duel. Midway through the duel one of the people find themselves loosing the duel and starts using pots to regain health. At this point by our definition that person is considdered to be cheating and our rule above kicks in allowing that clan member to use any means necessary to level the playing feild.

As the complexities of the L2 Seige system or Clan War System goes, the clan is in a state of open war and all is fair as these are parts of the game where open war is expected.
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Thumbs down Re: (Sayah) {=}Equalizers Clan Recruiting

Originally Posted by JohnathanUberoth View Post
TThe particular rule in question was established for our clans Diablo & Diablo II divisions, when active, to combat players using maphack and trainers to make themselves virtually invincible against legit players. A problem that does not seem to exist in Lineage II and does not apply. The rule was made to simply to level the playing feild against cheating players.

I guess you'll be cheating a lot then!

Plenty of Radar, autotarget programs and CP superspamming "hacks" out there that other players will be using.
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Default Re: (Sayah) {=}Equalizers Clan Recruiting

Originally Posted by JohnathanUberoth View Post
As such we play a variety of different games from L2 to D2, to AION to GW to WoW and Lotro and the rules on our web page adjust with the game thats being played as well as the clan members that run the game division in question. As the leader for the equalizers clan division for Lineage II, I do not permit cheating amongst the members of our Lineage II division. Any member that is found to be cheating will be removed.
I wish you would read the ENTIRE message before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions.

The rules listed on the web site are up for interpretation by the game division leader (me) based to the games needs (in this case L2). As such I am a Legit player and will not premit cheating by any of my members. This include aftermarket enhancements and or stuff like violating an agreement on rules to a duel.

Furthermore if you have ever played Diablo II in its early years, you would know the problems that game faced with players running hacks like Town Kill, Trainers allowing modifications of stats, skills and equipment and Map **** giving a player a complete layout of the randomized map. A Legit player couldn't fight back against those kind of PK's the first couple of years after the game came out and they were every where. They were always able to find you, always have better equips and stats and you were not always safe in towns and in neutral areas, it was chaos and people played in private pasworded games to escape them. It took nearly two years for blizzard to wipe them out. L2 doesn't have near the problem so dont make the assumption that we are going to be cheaters simply because those kind of hacks exist for Lineage II

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Default Re: (Sayah) {=}Equalizers Clan Recruiting

Originally Posted by JohnathanUberoth View Post
Swords High!

The Equalizers Clan is Recruiting!

The Equalizers have a Long History in Lineage, but left the scene a few years back due to a disagreement between the clan leaders and to explore other gaming oppertunities. The clan, now under new management is looking to re-establish its presence in Lineage II.

The Equalizers Clan upholds the values of Justice, Honor, Respect and Integrity amongst its members. We value fair play and an equal or level playing field amongst all players of the games in which we play. Cheating, botting, and any other practice that is considdered unhonorable is not premitted. We are goal oriented and above all else believe that a game should be FUN! The Equalizers participate in many other games as well, for those who are interested in more than just L2

We have a promo video which can be veiwed on our forums and our news page of our website and at

Clan Name: Equalizers
Clan Leaders: JohnathanUberoth
Clan Level: 3
Clan Hall: None
Number of Members: 8
Most Active Days/Times: Weekends most active, Weekdays during the evening (AST)
Countries/Timezones: Worldwide, Alaska Time
Clan Activity Focus: Fun, Leveling, Sieges, Raids, Having Fun
Clan Website/Forums:
Other Clan Communications: X-Fire, mIRC, EqualizersForums, Mumble, Steam

Looking for prospective members of all character levels and skill levels to be apart of our team. Any former member of the old equalizer clan is more than welcome to return.

Classes we are looking for:

Skilled Players we are looking for:
PVP Players

If you think the Equalizers clan might be the clan for you, you can reply to this thread, PM JohnathanUberoth in game, or simply pop into our website register on our forums and submit the required information in our recruitment section. Note that all prospective members are required to be registered on our forums an submit a recruitment application.

Til Swords Part
Lineage II Division Clan Leader
invite me then.... {=} ioman
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