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General Technical Issues Describe your client-side, hardware or software complications. This is not a place to report game bugs.

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Exclamation GameGuard Error 114/610

I have a problem with gameguard, when i start the game it show me a "GameGuard could not be initialized. Error Code=114" error, but if i leave it for a few seconds like that it turns into a "There was a problem with GameGuard. Error Code=610" (or something like that..). Now here's a list of what i already tried:
-restarted PC a dozen times (error says "try again after rebooting"..)
-deleted gameguard folder, then do a repair (consistency check)
-deleted gameguard folder, then just start the game
-forwarded ports (2009,7777,2106,53,80)
-added lineage2 folder to avast's exclusions list
-added same ports to zone alarm's allowed list
-deleted everything from hosts file (except localhost of course)
-graphics and directx drivers are up to date
Now i also tried disabling all non-microsoft services and disabling all startup programs, but still the 114 error keeps showing up. Im running out of ideas... Anyone?
P.S. I'm not sure if this has anything do with it but i can't find neither LineageII.exe nor system\l2.exe in my game dir (so i can't really add those to the firewall trusted applications list, but i added l2.bin and allowed anything the firewall prompted me) ... I just start the game via NCSoft Launcher.

[FIX] >>> Uninstall ZoneAlarm completely! works like a charm

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Default Re: GameGuard Error 114/610

It's sad that nobody on official L2 forums can't help.. Oh and i reinstalled the whole god**** windows and THE ERROR STILL PERSISTS FFS!!!
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Default Re: GameGuard Error 114/610

Hi, I had the same combination: Avast + Zone Alarm.
Uninstalling Zone Alarm did the job. Thanks.

Let me describe strange thing:
I have 2 computers with the same operating system (Windows 7 Professional x86), same security software installed (Avast+Zone alarm), they connect to internet in the same way (wireless) to the same router.
One computer lanches L2 and GG without any problem, the second one had to have ZA uninstalled.

Offtop: do you know anyother good firewall that doesn't make such problems with GG?
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Default Re: GameGuard Error 114/610

Try this

Do a DNS Flush.

Windows XP ~> This is easily done by go to START~>RUN and then typing in:
Hit OK, a black screen shows up and type in

ipconfig /flushdns

Hit enter and the entire DNS should be wiped off the computer.

For windows VISTA users, you'll HAVE to grant ADMIN rights to CMD for the duration to do this, navigate to My computer ~> C: ~> Windows ~> SYSTEM32 ~> CMD.... RIGHT CLICK CMD and form the menu select "RUN AS ADMIN". From there, Do exactly as mentioned above for xp, type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.


Reset Internet Explorer Files, While this is likely not to solve the problem, it usually removes some files that could potentially cause an issue reguardless.

go to START~>Control Panel~>Internet options
I'll only be refering to Internet Explorer 7. In this window that pops up should be a Delete button on the default TAB, click it then select DELETE ALL and then place a check in the unchecked box, hit delete. It may take several seconds to even minutes depending on when this was last done.
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game guard error 114 610

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