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Player Questions Attention new players (and veterans too)! Do you have questions about Lineage II? Looking for a drop? Need tips on a quest? Come on in and ask your questions here--players of all experience levels are welcome!

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Exclamation Nostromo & Macro Keyboards


I think I can see where there may be some confusion over our position on the use of hardware such as the Logitech G15, Nostromo or other programmable game devices. In actuality, our position regarding the use of these devices has never changed. It has always been against the rules when these devices are used to automate game play in a manner not possible through normal game play.

The best way to determine if how you are using these devices is a violation or not is by asking yourself "Can a normal keyboard/mouse combination replicate the same behavior?" If how you are using the programmable device can be done through a regular mouse/keyboard combination, then you won't have anything to worry about.

One example I often hear of is spamming CP potions. These devices can be setup to endlessly spam CP potions with the push of a button. Repeatedly consuming CP potions is possible through the use of a regular keyboard by setting up a hotkey and just holding down the hotkey on the keyboard. The difference is if the programmable device is somehow able to detect the character's CP level and automatically start spamming CP potions at a specific level and then automatically stop spamming the CP potions at a specific level.

There is a very distinguishable difference between using these devices to facilitate game play compared to using these devices to automate game play. We're looking for and testing for the automation. If the character is found to be exhibiting behavior that cannot be replicated through the use of a normal keyboard/mouse setup, then the character is considered to be "botting" even if they are only using a programmable device like the Logitech G15 or Nostromo.


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