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Player Questions Attention new players (and veterans too)! Do you have questions about Lineage II? Looking for a drop? Need tips on a quest? Come on in and ask your questions here--players of all experience levels are welcome!

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Default Re: @Neutron - Aliens, the future is now

Originally Posted by Draecke View Post
that what the bosses of his boss said yeah, gotta remember NCWest staff are not even remotely in control here.. doesn't change the fact though that they should give their bosses a heads up on the growing disappointment with how NC is running L2 atm
Draecke i do know it, you know it, even Neutron know it. Its is just has to be said, couse the stuff has no balls for that. Even though MxM situation shows that korea doesnt care.
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Default Re: @Neutron - Aliens, the future is now

I will admit that adena spammers(and to a lesser extent farmers) are probably the lowest I've ever seen in this game since it went f2p, however the economy overall is probably in the most pathetic state that I've ever seen it, period.

Assuming that it actually is true that you guys are suppressing adena drops to combat farmers, I'd say you are applying a small fix(as there are still farmers) and creating an even bigger problem that affects everyone that plays the game at the same time. As others have stated, there is no reason for there not to be a good source of income at 99+. Current farmers make it nowhere near that level.

Really the only logical reason I can think of to put the game in this state is to encourage ncoin sales as selling cash shop items is a way to make adena. That would explain the outrageous price for event items, abysmal drop rates on actual good items, and the nonexistent event item drop rate from mobs(at least in my experience, maybe others have had better luck). Spend $150 on event items, pop them and pray you don't get garbage out of all of them, and when you do get 95% garbage drop more money and repeat.
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