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Player Questions Attention new players (and veterans too)! Do you have questions about Lineage II? Looking for a drop? Need tips on a quest? Come on in and ask your questions here--players of all experience levels are welcome!

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Ok this is my story, we had a party and this is our was our 4th baylor try. (Yes, try)

In the first try, everything went well, only 1 person crit, we got to 30% he got invincible, we didnt know what to do. Failed.

In the 2nd try, we got baylor to 30%, half of the party had a crit error. Failed.

In the 3rd try, we got baylor to 30%, our healer crit. Failed.

Now the 4th try: We got it to 30%, our warcryer crit, but we tried to do it anyways, but here comes the suprise, we couldnt get red of the invincibility. We all had a Blue water dragon claw and used it at once, two times, nothing happend.

Do we have to be 9players? this is impossible cause baylor has a chance of debuffing players with the incredible Increase chance of a crit error debuff.

Did they change something? How do you get rid of the invincibility? (We noticed, that a lot instance bosses have been changed though, Tears does no invincibility anymore, Kenchi spawns his minions regarding his own hp bar now)

There was NO mistake done. The claws where used correctly, but it didnt work. As there is no where a guide or an explanation about this instance, this is really frustrating... how should one FIND out? If there isnt any hint how to do this.

Plz help - and GM's, fix this plz.

greets Nam
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Default Re: Baylor - BUGGED or SILENTPATCHED?

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Default Re: Baylor - BUGGED or SILENTPATCHED?

Well, they certainly fixed main crit error issue after a couple of months and you can no longer drop party members to only have 2 people use claws. However we have done it just by interupting his ud when he redoes it every 30 seconds or so. We had one crit error but that was probably because it took so long.
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