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Default How to Increase Player Base and Increase Nstore Sales

Just 2 things that need to be done.

1. Sell Adena at Nstore

2. Increase Adena Drops & Item Drops at High Level Instances like, Tavern, Gludio, AF, Shilen

Here is Why.

1. The real problem of Lineage2 is Adena farming botters and Adena sellers.
Most Nstore shoppers don't really want to sell Ncoins for Adena but since those Adena sellers buy the Nstore items at high Adena price, players end up selling. Adena Sellers in return play the Store promos&events in large quantities and whatever they win, they sell for Real Life Money. Oh...let's not forget about the Hero Coins they amass through the Gifting system.

Those Adena sellers, they pay NOTHING to NCWest, I mean $0 Dollar and yet they make so much money. They are stealing from you, NC.
So why not sell Adena directly at NStore? Sell it CHEAP! a lot cheaper than the Adena sellers! and you can stop those thieves.

2. Instances like AF, Tavern, Gludio and Shilen. Bots can't go there. Only the serious geared players can clear those instances and I think they deserve to have some fun and get their rewards for their investments, don't you agree?
If you start selling Adena at Nstore when the Adena Drop is so low, there will be an outcry and the most Lineage2 players will rage quit the game, so I think this is the only way to go about it. Besides, this will give the players the reason to gear up and level up. This will motivate them greatly.

SO, what's gonna happen next?
There will be a gradual Adena inflation in the game, and it will be a good thing. Gear prices will steadily go up, buying and selling transactions will be a lot faster and Items in general will be in demand all the time.
Since more and more adena will be released over the time, it will be better to have items rather than Adena, so whenever somebody wants to sell something, it will get snatched away. Items will be treated like GOLD in times of inflation. Everybody will be happy.

Right now, the Nstore shoppers are in the state of waiting...they are all waiting for the better promos and events, because so far, the chances have been very low. I know you are only trying to preserve the value of high items in the game by limiting the winning chances of high items; but I can tell you, lowering the chances is not the way to go. It only leads to more disappointments and resentments. If you increase the Adena circulation, you don't need to lower the chances no more. And you know something? in 5 years when the adena counting becomes too much troublesome, you can introduce New Adena and exchange all the current Adena into the new Adena in the ratio of 100:1.

So, what do you think NC?

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Default Re: How to Increase Player Base and Increase Nstore Sales

Something I'd like to add...

There is someone in Chronos server that I know of, and he has Trillions Adena worth of items. You know something NC? He spent $0 Dollar at Nstore. He just bought Adena from Adena sellers. Right now 1 Ncoin = 1 Million Adena about, which means every $100 USD = 8 Billion Adena; so you know what this means? He could've spent over $100,000 USD at Nstore but instead he spent his money on botters. They are stealing from you, NC.

Are you OK with this?

I knew I could've got more value for my money had I spent it on Adena sellers but I didn't.
I chose to spend it at Nstore to support the game. Was I wrong doing so?

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Default Re: How to Increase Player Base and Increase Nstore Sales

Originally Posted by DreamSeeker View Post
I knew I could've got more value for my money had I spent it on Adena sellers but I didn't.
I chose to spend it at Nstore to support the game. Was I wrong doing so?

I hate to say this, but yes, if you were trying to be fiscally responsible then you were wrong. Also, if you thought you were going to help the game by donating to the L2store, unfortunately you were again wrong.

I know its odd, but some players, if not a lot of players, are unaware of how much cheaper things are if you buy them from non-NCsoft entity's. I'm talking 30-80% of the cost you would incur if you went through the L2store and converted to adena (usually ends up being in the range of ($7.50-$8.50/billion adena).

Also buying the adena itself from RMT is fairly equal to the conversion price from L2 store. Making it not much better if not worse. The price for this is largely set by what the L2 Store events dictate. This gives us some solid information we can work with.

1. The RMT market is reactionary.
- This implies they might not be owned and operated by NCsoft.
- This also sets a parameter of a "reaction time". Giving the L2 store an edge
- as you will have a window to beat the prices of RMT adena when a "good"
event begins.

2. RMT's selling adena do exist and are aplenty.
- The demand for adena exist to the extent that it keeps several people per thousand players employed (i assume not gainfully).
- Adena in game is not accessible enough, and/or items are unrealistically priced and the "pretend" economy is not functioning properly (duh).

Now lets review everything.

What you want is gear, it is not accessible enough and thus hard to acquire.
To get gear in game you need adena, another item that is not accessible enough and thus also hard to acquire.

So you turn to an out of game mechanism, be it L2 store or RMT to convert your money into adena, to then convert your adena into your gear.

You used an out of game function to obtain 2 different hard to obtain items. Mainly the condition to obtain service (the adena) and the service (gear).

This is sadly not far from the US health system in a very general sense. The same solution applies. Cut on the middle man (insurance co.) and buy directly for cheaper, in this case the middle man is NC store OR RMT for adena. Similar to Europe, you too can get the same service (gear) that everyone else does as long as you just buy the item directly for cheaper.

Now the main point.

Selling adena in the store doesn't solve the problem you are trying to fix. It would only, logically, lead to inflation. The prices people already spent on adena (in USD) to buy their items they are for reasons now selling, want to get the value back. So the new price of gear is = to the old price + inflation.

There are some good solid tools that can be used to combat RMT as that seems to be what you are wanting to do. Though why you would like to increase the amount of people getting genuinely robbed by NCsoft is beyond me.

First and foremost, the correct thing to do is make the gear more obtainable. If I spend the time to organize 14-80 people to do a raid, I should be rewarded, as should everyone else, with what I am going for. I'm not saying a Tauti ring should drop every time, but it should drop no less than 10% of the time. These types of raids are only available 1x per week per toon. 52 weeks a year would yield 5 rings for the 14 people that participate. (THIS IS FAIR YOU POS NC SOFT IDIOTS! Is 3 years of farming for 15 people to get what they want not enough?)

Another tactic, again aimed at more access, is the random chance to win through gambling. The chance is, or is almost, non existent. It needs to be raised significantly. I firmly believe, due to the amount of money some spend, there is a plausible case for a class action lawsuit brought against NCsoft for false advertisement and racketeering. What is advertised as possible to pull out of a box, is not what gets pulled out of a box and we all know this. Rates should absolutely be posted and verifiable.

My other ideas all involve detaching gear and adena from the L2 store, thus possibly not in alignment with your conditions of increasing the store's usage.

Lastly, lets myth bust;

+10 sets aren't worth 100bil or $800-$1000, you can make them for 20b (like 20b is easy for a casual player lol) or less. Just because you over paid, doesn't mean everyone should.

7s, rulers ring, lindvior, +12 dark weapons ect. Are not worth 50-70b or ($500-$700). People will sell them online for cheaper, there are some epic websites out there for acquisition, the sellers are all foreigners.

Making billions of adena is possible, but it takes time and tenacity on a level most people wont put into a game.

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Default Re: How to Increase Player Base and Increase Nstore Sales


You do have many valid points here. However, what I want to achieve by asking NC to sell Adena at Nstore is about bringing Balance to Game Items vs Adena in game.

Here is an example of the typical item trade.

1. Player A has full Bloody gears for Feoh, wants to sell them all to get full Tyrr Titan Bloody Gears.

2. Player B has Full bloody Tyrr Titan gears, wants to sell them all to get full Bloody Yul Archer gears.

3. Player C has Full Bloody Yul Archer gears, wants to sell them all to get full Bloody Feoh gears.

They are all sitting in Giran for months...trying to sell their full Bloody gears...but nothing gets sold because there is just not enough Adena in Circulation. With each events and promos, more and more items are being released into the game but the total amount of Adena doesn't seem to change much. Items vs Adena Balance, this is what I am after.

Thanks for your insights though and I DO STRONGLY agree that, Raid Boss Drops should be INCREASED more. It will add more PvE content to the game, making the game more fun.
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