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Default great wolf question

i posted a thread about a week or two ago asking weather its cheaper to get a whole TOP GW set or just upgrade what I had. and based on the mixed responses i got i decided to upgrade the armor with what i had....well.....34 mill later i have the first level of oriharucon(sp) armor for GW at 160 pdef i think. cost 22 mill to get that. but theres still more upgrades....

my question is now THIS

whats the highest or "TOP" GW armor you can get? so i know when /how far i have till i can upgrade the rest of his weapon.

p.s.s. is diamond pendant the highest there is? pet manager offers no upgrade for it.
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Default Re: great wolf question

I may be wrong but 1 year ago upgrade path was more expensive than just "sell lowest and buy top gear" path.

Of course if you "upgrade" you pets equipment step by step increasing its level by selling buying equipment it will be more expensive.

Mine suggestion: hold a horses, save adenas for one top gear equipment item and then buy it.
First get weapon, then armor and latest jewelry.

P.S. btw friend of mine told me, that wolfs are ok even with average equipment, so if you can not afford top gear, stick with average equipment.
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