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Default How the Official Support on L2 Keep you out of Game

Hello to All players of L2 Old and New One!

Here is my story:

I start play here from 2006 (account creation) i stop many times the game but i return here again when i got some free time.

Now i return again with 2 Friends and we say to play all together because of 1-2 hours every day of free time.

But, the one of my friends get permant ban of using 3rd part software!!!

The strange of the story is he Not even speak or unterstant english, he has no idea about 3rd software, and get permant ban, i contact with ncsoft support ticket and their answer is:


Account Name:
Offense: Use of third party program
Penalty: Account Closure

We have reviewed the above action and found it and the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand.

I tried to explane them my friend play all time together with me and the other friend and never login alone in game and he has no idea about the game but they keep same answer like auto answer of my tickets.

So take care, stay with your Adena Sellers, and the Tons of Bots inside game and ban the legal players.

Take Care folks, i stop the game because maybe they do same to my account too.

We will start now play on prive servers with Good anti bot system and better support from ncsoft.

Thank you for the Fun to many Years NcSoft!

and Sorry for my English, in Greek.

If you want you can check the follow images to see bots:

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Default Re: How the Official Support on L2 Keep you out of Game

& this belongs in the Player Guides section because ???
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