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Off-Topic No religion, no politics, no sex. Have fun!

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Default World of Lineage 2

- When you play game Lineage 2 at night, have you ever feel the images about monster in game in your head? Or when you dream, have you ever seen the World of Lineage 2 in your dreams?
- World of Lineage 2 is located in some dimensions of Hell, the world inside Earth or Inner Earth. It is a beautiful world for spiritual awaken people who can see and visit it while dreaming. World of Lineage 2 was created by energy of millions gamers from both of official servers and private servers.
- I know some methods to boost your third eye and enter into the World of Lineage 2.
1. Using high dose of coffee and play game Lineage 2 at night.
2. Using high dose of Vitamin A-D and Turmeric while playing game.
3. Drink beverages from Cocacola while playing game. There are some nano particles or nanobot in American beverages which is linked to Illuminati. It seems Cocacola serves for Republic Party and Pepsico serves for Democrat Party (I don’t like God of Fly Baal Obama). Beverages which supply vitamins are better.
4. Playing Lineage 2 characters who have your opposite sex. If you are male, you should play female characters, and if you are female, you should play male characters. It will help you to make love with your Lineage 2 characters in energy field.
5. Praying to Titan God of Time Cronus to help you to enter into the World of Lineage 2. For example, You can pray like this: “Dear Titan God of Time Cronus who is father of Satan, please help me to enter the World of Lineage 2”.
- Titan God of Time Cronus who is father of Olympian Gods and Satan can help you to enter into any Realms and Worlds include the World of Lineage 2. He was freed from Tartarus when Time Travel Device was invented.
6. Connection to the World of Lineage 2 which is located in Inner Earth are stronger for the people who have played Lineage 2 for more than 3 years no matter Official or Private Server. The more players play in a server, the stronger is connection.
7. It will be more effective if there are more people play together in a large group all night.

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