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Default Re: @Neutron - Game Economy is collapsing

Originally Posted by Jagtiger View Post
a mere apoc cutter 3sa not even a +4 one is enough which will cost roughly 5b including the 3rd sa...
So in your world, Gem R costs around 0 adena and then the Mystic Soul Crystal costs like 4.5b? Such stuff doesn't happen even in Chronos, just stop these pathetic lies.
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Default Re: @Neutron - Game Economy is collapsing

Originally Posted by ShillenElder View Post
If you can afford a pc with internet, you can afford 50 bucks a month

it also seems pretty obvious you don't know what occasional is, and 50 dollars is large amount of money? Wow, you really should of stayed in school, buddy.
Well yes if you have a pc and an internet connection (PCs do not arrive with "the internet" as some sort of bundle the internet is far to vast) then you can afford 50 bucks a month as your internet provider will charge around that. You must also have power and some form of a secured area like an apartment or house to use the computer in thus more funds required. You probably need to eat while using the computer and stuff too...

It's funny you go from 50 bucks a month to 50 bucks "occasionally" in the same post one sentence after the other. It's almost as if you're more focused on insulting people then actually making a point and in the process accidentally tripped over your attempt at a point.

50 bucks converted into adena without getting ripped off (good luck) in the process is chump change. You have to spend several hundred $$$ before you're able to buy anything resembling what is considered "decent" PVE gear. If you want to PVP decently then the costs go up higher. Draeke and others have confirmed this high cost earlier in this very thread.

Still doesn't change the fact that you are incredibly factually wrong about the average income in the USA.
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Default Re: @Neutron - Game Economy is collapsing

I can finally afford Baium Soul
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Default Re: @Neutron - Game Economy is collapsing

Originally Posted by ShillenElder View Post
are you stupid?
how is 50 dollars a month not casual? There is a difference between casual and those who don't pay a single cent.
50 dollars for most people is less than half a days work.
yes, but casual in generally doesnt play every day so that means u most likely throw away ~25 dollar also cus u dont login every evening from moment ur home till u go to bed..

tho a casual in generally doesnt wanna catch up with people they just wanna have fun without spending a thing.
why do u need boss jewels if u just run around with **** u got and enjoy that?
why u need boss jewels if u know as casual ur 1 shotted in PvP anyway with or without jewels or even without armor ur still that 1 shot guy.

so what is the point exactly to pay 50 euro?
theres no point for casual to do so.
u better off buying normal AQ/baium or octa/istina rings if its for the dmg coc earrings for vamp/stun or istina old zaken or w/e and frint necklace / istina / octa for rest its far cheaper and permanent and has almost same effect PvE wise where casuals "focus" on..

then again PvE is so **** nowadays u cant work towards anything beside trying to gather money together for ur next 10k SSR u need
so even the above is hard to do.

ncsoft has just ***** this game so hard with their nerfs on everything that could possibly yield u some adena in game forcing u to either compete with top dogs to get adena off raidbosses which u cant compete with unless u buy tons of ******** with rl money first and in ncstore..

so w/e u wanna do in l2 in order to reach top ur gonna spend ur rl money and 50$ a month is not gonna bring u there unless ur already on top but before u got to top u blew alot more then 50$, unless ofcourse ur from 1 of these dead servers where u had free farm and u had ur fist deep enough ur leaders *** that he handed u all gear to few CP's while 80% of clan was undergeared but leader didnt care cus he could RMT all the top stuff for his own profit etc balabaaba

l2 is crap game since f2p came out ncsoft did pretty much everything to force u to use their store..

as for dots and comma's and other marks **** that .

l2 was/is a cool game still but not on ncwest neither innova.
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