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Default Re: Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

Originally Posted by punisher683 View Post
It seems like a no win situation tbh. Any means of acquiring legitimate adena in game can be used by mass farmers to flood the market. I definitely don't envy the nc staff in trying to deal with this issue. Having said that, I don't think it was just fishing that brought unintended amounts of adena to the market. Any time you acquire an item with little to no adena expenditure that then sells to an npc for more adena you cause inflation on the server. A perfect example would be the carrot event last year (i think it was that event). Tons of people spending loads of ncoin and getting stacks of BEWR that no one wants to buy so they are sold to the npc's for 75kk. Multiply that times 50-100 scrolls per person x 1000+ players and there's a ton of adena that no one intended to be on the market. I'm not suggesting events like these shouldn't exist, or that the npc price of BEWR should drop. I do, however, feel like a "simple" fix to this problem would be to change what the npc's sell. Add an item, or items, that people will want to buy that only sells for adena from regular npc's. It could be something as minor as 10% drop/xp runes like the ertheia can craft or even something more substantial like giant's life stones or la vie en rose boxes. I realize that a lot of the potential item choices are currently available with ncoin and may hurt that market, but there are options.
The better option (due to things like abundance/richness talisman crafting) is to make all items with reference price > 0 be "Unusable Public Store" (a.k.a. cannot sell to NPC). This means shots, escape/resurrection/enchant scrolls, etc.

Originally Posted by Fuman View Post
Hi mate,

Just to be fair, it wasn't the NPC that charged that much, it was you that accepted that cost payable to buy the baits and then get a rod.
Wouldn't you prefer that instead of struggling to compete with other players to either sell for 2.9 or 2.89 B per pole that you get something from just ditching this messed up, useless item to vendors now?

And yea, I would like to know how much is generated from the game, as we already know how much was from fishing.
(makes me wish auto pickup would be an option once again...)
You auto-pickup everything (including adena) when you are a flying-transformed object.
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