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Default Returning PLayer (Also need Mentor)

I've been playing on and off since C1. I just came back, found out my years worth of accounts are now gone and started anew.

At the writing of this, I'm a level 76 SPS. I just got rid of my mentor that randomly picked me up as he literally hasnt been online since taking me in, and has earned a ton of mentee things without ever being on to provide the XP bonus.

Ive found leveling way easier than it used to be (last time I played was right after Awakening classes came out). Adena is god awful, to the point where Im leveling mostly without using any bsps so it's still a bit slower. It hasnt been an issue since most gear is provided but I got y **** kicked pretty bad on the kill succubus quests in Shrine so just grinding random spots currently.

Anyway that's all, used to be on Hindemith / Chronos (was the SD Spineripper if anyone remembers me)

Current toon: Xariella in need of a mentor if someone who is actually online occasionally wants some free mentor things till I hit 85
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