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Default Tyrr Maestro Recipes

Hi guys,I was playing Maestro since c2 and first time tyrr Maestro.Can anyone tell me how I can find the basic materials recipes?and how I can find the upgrade ones?
P.S A dwarf Maestro makes everything..
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Default Re: Tyrr Maestro Recipes

You can get them by drop, on every hunting ground iirc, but the drop chance is kinda ultra rare, so dont even bother. Your best is to camp AH to search for cheap recipes (lv2 ones mostly) or to get asap to 99 (if you'r not yet) and start doing Retrieving the Chaos Fragment quest, daily, to get bloody and sealed demon tomes, so you can purchase those recipes directly from the NPC Budenka (in Hellbound). The sealed tomes you can purchse thru buyshops (around 500-700k depending on server economy) but bloodied ones you have to do quest (it's tied to quest inventory). If you have a box, do it along with your main, so you can run 2x per day and cut the farming time by half (I mean for recipes).

Lv3 recipes can be done in a matter of a month this way, lv4 and up recquire several months or a clan/party effort to complete it in less time.
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