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Default Open Field XP 99+

Okay, so we all know Feohs are apparently designed for AoE, so let's hear the good zones (by this, I mean where you can pull mobs further than 50 units from their spawn point) for a 99+ Feoh, along with comments on associated quests (their rewards and faction/ch quests) and mandatory equipment (e.g. maxed stun resist in AF).

Particularly interested in LoC, EV, HB and AF (all floors).

EDIT: checked out all zones (except AF that I knew enough of already) and sadly I can only handle HB (Quarry), with no chance to handle anything else, even in the future. Perhaps the grand crusade changes might help here, but there's no plans for GC on NCw. In any case, tips for survival in EV/LoC are welcome. How much damage mitigation is enough?

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Default Re: Open Field XP 99+

Yeah we're an aoe class in a game focused on single target damage. And even then other classes can aoe almost as good as us plus blow us out of the water for single target damage.

This is Everquest 2 all over again where mages were relegated to being mana batteries for everyone else during raids because everyone out-damaged them on the boss which is the only thing that really matters in a raid.
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Default Re: Open Field XP 99+

I think you meant EverQuest 1, where Mages would drop tons of Modulation Rods during encounters for Clerics, Wizards, and the like.

Some of this was the result of encounter design - namely full immunity to Magic or Fire damage types on bosses. Emp Ssra, for example, was Magic Immune. It didn't matter if Mage was the highest DPS class in Luclin-era EQ, they were bound to do almost nothing simply because they couldn't hit the raid boss with half of their damage abilities.

In any case, this all changed in PoP, where Mages got Ridiculous Pets and SoE stopped making almost every raid boss Immune to some sort of damage type. Mages also got more varied toolkits (along with many other classes), as well, so they were less affected by this moving forwards.

By the time OoW rolled around, Mages were a top tier DPS class, along with Necromancers and Wizards.


NCSoft needs to significantly boost the XP given by Open Field Monsters, and lower the M.Def.
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