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Default Healer - 1h weapon + sigil or 2h

hi all,

i solve following point:
Is for healer on oly better 1h weapon (+16 - 701 m attack) + sigil or 2h weapon (732 m attack)?

PS: Sigil mastery in Healer functional too without sigil (no need sigil for activ mastery)

Sry for me English...

PS: eventually how much pdef to sigil - as minimum,so to me it was worth it

THX for Help.
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Default Re: Healer - 1h weapon + sigil or 2h


Since no one answered you, I will risk an answer hehe .
Use what ever you want, cause u dont have exta bonus for sigil niether sheild, passive or arctive; with the sheild you have a very little chance to block magic and Physical attack, but is very, very low.

About using 1h or 2h weapon, in past topics in this section, they say m.atak cause a very little diference in heal, but no in the magic crit heals (search in how to enchant skills). As same with the sheild or sigil I would say, use what ever you want, cause the extra bonus with m.atak is very low.

Hope u can understand my english
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