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Default Kain Server Personality

Players who visited the Kain server forum picked these choices as the top three to best describe the personality of the Kain server, with a total of 64 votes:

<ul type="square">[*] PvP, PKing, and active clan wars[*] Lots of high level players[*] Inter-clan drama and intrigue[/list]We hope this helps you in your decision to play on the Kain server!

[color= orange]Who is Kain?[/color]

Kain is a Gladiator who turned his back on his life as an Elmore aristocrat, a life that involved constant scheming and conspiracy. He started his journey as a wanderer for training himself in the art of swordsmanship. He had received swordsmanship training and therefore had felt confident about his mastery of the sword. However, after he was defeated by an unknown swordsman, he had to reconsider his "forte." He made a firm resolution that if he ever runs into the unknown swordsman again, who taught him the bitter taste of defeat, he is determined to win this time. For this sole purpose, he has been devoting himself to swordsmanship training day and night. Currently, he is traveling in the Aden kingdom to accomplish "Conquest of the Continent," one of the tasks of the "Training of a Swordsman."

[color= orange]Clans on Kain[/color]

Please visit the Fan Site Listing for a list of clans that are active on the Kain server.
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