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General Technical Issues Describe your client-side, hardware or software complications. This is not a place to report game bugs.

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Default Gameguard error - 'The Gameguard update was cancelled'

K, first off, let me just vocalize my utter DISDAIN for gameguard. Whenever I've had an issue with L2, it has ALWAYS been gameguard. Now I can make this a rant about gameguard but that won't help my issue.

The prob I'm having is when I first open the L2 Auto Update. The info that loads in the L2 auto updater does not load. It remains blank with a "Lineage 2 - The Chaotic Throne" logo. But, it also shows that "All files have been updated" and I am able to click 'Start'. When L2 loads, I immediately get this error: "The Gameguard update was cancelled. Please check your network connection status or firewall."

I have checked EVERYTHING to do with my connection but found nothing. My internet works flawlessly for anything I do EXCEPT Lineage2 (shock). These are the steps I've taken so far:
- Check Files>>> All files check out OK
- ipconfig /flushdns
- reset modem, router and PC many times
- deleted the Gameguard folder fomr Lineage II/system. I have a bandwidth monitoring program and when I launched L2, I can see MINIMAL data being transferred for a second or 2 and the GG folder has been re-created again. The folder is a bit over 200Kbytes in total size, but I know I did not download this as the bandwidth monitor did not show enough activity for me to have downloaded over 200Kbytes.
- tried entering the Gameguard update site/IP in 'hosts' file and reloaded with command; nbtstat -R (although rebooting the PC does reload the NBT remote cache name table as well)
- also tried creating a SSH tunnel to my PC back in Toronto that loads L2 just fine. So essentially I tried to route through the internet connection in Toronto for the Gameguard updates. As you can guess, no luck. Although I don't think I setup the SSH tunnel correctly. Help with this would be welcomed as well.
- disabled firewall (ZoneAlarm) and anti-virus (AVG Free)

I'm really at my wits end. I've done every possible thing I can think off and have gotten nowhere. This all started to happen after the recent update.

I also did a diagnostic with WireShark. I can post this info too if it would be helpful as I've compared the reports against a working PC that loads L2 without issue (my other PC in Toronto). The 2 reports are different. And from what I can gather, it looks to possibly be a routing issue or the update site I'm connecting to has some problems.

I enjoy playing L2 and would like to continue. I've missed a few days worth of play time so far and if this continues, why should I pay for a service that I cannot access? I know its only a few days, but a few days turns into a few weeks quickly and I for one don't feel like paying to see this error over and over again.

And here is my GG rant (sorry, had to): Gameguard does not do a thing. Bots and hackers still run rampant in the world of L2 and the only thing gameguard does is prevent legit, paying players from connecting as is my case.

Thanks for reading and hope someone out there can shed some light on my issue

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Default Re: Gameguard error - 'The Gameguard update was cancelled'

Just tried to launch 2 other games that uses GG as well: 2Moons and Crossfire.

Both games do not load because of GG. Apparently, I am unable to connect to the GG update site. So I assume this is the same case for L2.

Does anyone have the connection info for the GG update site? I had tried entering it in the 'hosts' file before, but I might have entered in an incorrect site.
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Default Re: Gameguard error - 'The Gameguard update was cancelled'

Submit a ticket to NCsoft support center, describe your problem and raise hell.

If people don't send enough reports informing the tech support of GameGuard-related problems, NCsoft won't do a thing about it, and keep giving you the same automated responses ("reboot PC... reset modem... flush DNS... delete GG folder... thanks for playing Lineage 2").
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