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Default Spoil/Drops for enchant scrolls?

Hello all, Can anyone help me with some information on where Enchant weapon/Armor Scrolls drop or spoil? D and C grade. I'm not looking to farm/sell. just to use for my personal use.
Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: Spoil/Drops for enchant scrolls?

I have never had much luck with spoils or drops of C-D enchant scrolls but,, should tell you the mobs that drop them. They aren't fully up to date but I don't think those drops have changed much.

For B enchants I have spoiled quite a few in the lower part of Fields of Massacre out of Aden. The treasure chests opened with keys give a fair amount too

If you are level 40+ (all toons) be sure to pick up this quest for cubics that you turn into enchant scrolls

I have the quest on all 14 toons, 2 accounts and have gotten quite a few fine whites which sell for 20-25mil It's a chore to click them all every day but worth it.

PS: If you are on Phoenix, I sell the cobols needed for this quest, mail SoulSeller for them

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Default Re: Spoil/Drops for enchant scrolls?

go for the cubic quest. easyer
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