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Default SOA daily quest

Will the gms start giving auto responses again when u petition or are they just gonna totaly AFK it?

Past 2 days I have D/ced at in last few minutes of the daily solo SOA quest. I go to log back in and server is full. It does not allow me to turn in quest because the instance is over. This is not a players fault that U GUYS overbooked these servers. Due to U GUYS making this error players are unable to turn in there quest on a daily quest. Can u put a NPC outside or fix the server issue? KKTHX BYE just wasted a minute of my life on something u guys wont even lookinto. DUECES!
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Default Re: SOA daily quest

Its like me, i stoped doin that instance, dc's and huge lag spikes getting me killed etc...start'ed playin my first char on L2 a Warlord and lolol its the same, dc's lag spikes restartng the game over and over and i was pulling like 15 mobs when i've reached the place puff game'd f1/f2/f1/f2 to hit the mobs but it didnt work and the game just went crazy like i was teleporting to the same spot over and over again and then puff you have been dc...lolol
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