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Exclamation Glory Days Known Issues

The following are some of the major issues that have come up since and related to the Glory Days launch maintenance.

Current Known Issues (this thread may be updated as progress is made or news is gathered):
Note that the Vitality change is not technically a game bug: it is working as designed. However, it has been announced that staff will be considering possible changes to the settings due to player response and situations since it was introduced yesterday. You can follow that thread and discussion here. *Update: the Vitality settings were altered in an emergency maintenance on 10/26.

What is a "known issue"? It's a bug that has been officially verified and acknowledged by NCSOFT staff. This means it is being officially reported as a bug and we are already investigating the matter and will likely be requesting a fix for it. Different known issues may have different parameters for investigation and bug-fix requesting.

Why is my issue not listed?
Some issues players have reported are not yet confirmed and therefore are not yet "known issues." This thread will be updated as major issues are confirmed. If you don't see your issue in this list, contact support about it first so we can investigate and verify if its a bug or not.

Where can I post about a bug?
  • If you have questions or comments about a particular known issue that is listed in this thread, please keep them in the thread on that topic only.
  • If you have found an issue that you think is a game bug (something that is not working as intended) and want to post it or ask other players about it first please check these forums to see if there is already a thread about it, especially a "Known Issues" thread such as those below. If you can't find anything about it, report the issue to the support team through a support ticket. You can also create a thread for that topic but please understand that forum threads are not official bug reports.

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